The Best Affordable Adobe® Acrobat® Alternative

Adobe Acrobat Alternative

If you are wondering, is there an alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® DC Pro, and if yes, which is the best one out there - you’ve come to the right place!

Let us help you understand why Able2Extract Professional pricing plans and focus features might serve your PDF and budget management needs better than the solution from Adobe.

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Both of them have all the main features you might need, such as PDF conversion, editing, signing, creating, comparing, etc. You can find a feature-by-feature comparison in the comprehensive table below.

For now, we’d like to bring your attention to the benefits of Able2Extract Professional. Here’s a quick breakdown why Able2Extract Pro is a top Adobe® Acrobat® alternative:

Perpetual licence - no subscription required

With Able2Extract, you get to own the program, not rent it. Perpetual licensing means that you pay for Able2Extract once and use it forever! No worries about being left without the essential software tools because you can’t afford costly subscription fees. Once you buy Able2Extract it’s yours to keep even after you switch computers or operating systems.

Simple and easy to use interface

Users have always had trouble with the Adobe® Acrobat® user interface as it was too complex and unlike any other software program out there. With DC Pro things changed for the better, but ever so slightly. Able2Extract, on the other hand, focuses on the ease of use from its beginnings in the early 2000s. Almost 20 years later, it’s one of the most user-friendly PDF solutions available praised by first-time users.

Unmatched PDF conversion technology

Able2Extract Pro offers the widest range of PDF conversion options on the market.Our quality over quantity policy means that all of those conversions are developed and regularly upgraded with exceptional attention to detail and with the feedback of real-life, heavy PDF users. Users in need of converting PDF to AutoCAD, CSV, Publisher, or OpenOffice shouldn't have a single dilemma - those are features exclusive to Able2Extract Pro.

A PDF to Excel conversion engine developed in-house by Investintech is arguably the most advanced solution ever created for transferring table data from PDF to editable spreadsheets. If you want to learn more about it, check out our Ultimate PDF to Excel guide. We can safely claim that nothing compares or even comes close!

Our batch PDF conversion and creation tools make conversion of multiple PDFs to your favorite editable file formats and vice versa as straightforward and precise as it can get. On top of that, you can get all your resulting files merged automatically for even more time saved.

Industry-leading customer and technical support

Have questions? Our customer and technical support teams have answers. Our support agents (available via phone and email) are committed to helping you make the most of your Able2Extract and enhance your workflows.

Other benefits include Linux support (the world’s first cross-platform PDF solution); no telemetry, Able2Extract Professional is fully functional offline; small installation size and easy on system resources...

Pricing model
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Licence Type Lifetime Subscription
Price $199.95 from $180 per year
Convert, Create, and OCR
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
PDF to Excel
  • Manually designate column and row structure for conversion
  • Preview conversion results prior to conversion
  • Automate conversions with Custom Excel templates
  • Edit headers and footers for conversion
  • AI-assisted conversions
  • Easy table selection with Find similar table structures
  • Automatically extract PDF tables excluding surrounding content
  • Transfer PDF table structure and cell styles (borders, fonts, colors) into Excel
Convert any file format to Excel
Convert scanned PDFs (OCR)
Multi-language OCR support
Easily batch convert native and scanned PDF files
Easily batch create PDF files
PDF to Word
No advanced options
PDF to PowerPoint
PDF to Publisher
PDF to AutoCAD
PDF to WebPNew
PDF to OpenOffice
Extract all images from PDFNew
Create PDFs from 300+ file formats
Create blank PDF file
Edit and Review
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Edit and customize PDF text
No text rotation
No text outline
Insert images and vector shapes
Rotate, scale, resize, move, delete PDF pages
Insert blank pages to PDF
Split and merge PDFs
Insert various annotations and markups
Add Bates Numbering to PDF pages
Compare 2 documents - PDFs and all other printable formats
Fill and Create Forms
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Fill in and submit PDF forms
Create and edit PDF forms
Export form data to CSVNew
Sign and Secure
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Add electronic signatures
Apply a digital certificate
Verify cryptographic signatures
256-bit encryption and decryption
Set file permission options
Redact PDF content
Apply watermarks
User Interface (UI)
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Additional UI languages
Dark theme support
Start Page shortcuts
Easy toolbar navigation
Help and Support
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Free support (phone and email)
Priority Support (includes free access to all product updates)
Learn More
14-day Money-back guarantee
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)
Virtual Desktop Environment
Install size 250 MB 2.47 GB

Pricing Considerations: Free, Rent, or Own

Over time, subscription-based pricing models can prove quite expensive for budget-minded users and Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC is no exception in that regard. When comparing it to the Able2Extract Pro perpetual licensing model, you get only 10 months worth of subscription for the same amount of money you would need to pay for lifetime access to all the latest Able2Extract features.

If you are looking for free or even open source Adobe® Acrobat® alternatives, keep in mind that such tools simply can’t match Able2Extract Pro’s versatile toolbox. You can find a free PDF reader such as Slim PDF or an online PDF to Excel converter to get some of the most common tasks done quickly, but they lack the business-grade features, robustness, and customization options that help users greatly increase their productivity when dealing with PDFs on a regular basis.

Wrapping Up

Both Able2Extract Professional and Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC are all-in-one PDF solutions that can open, convert, edit, sign, create, and compare PDF files. The differences in pricing plans and focus features make Able2Extract Professional the best Adobe® Acrobat® alternative on Mac, as well as on Windows.

If you are looking for an alternative for Linux, note that Able2Extract supports all major operating systems while Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC can’t run on Linux.

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Able2Extract Pro vs Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC: What Do Users Say?

Good Product With Live Support
"I've had to get refunds from other pdf makers because they don't have live support ... Let's be honest, sometimes we all need a little support. So far this product performs very well (and doesn't want to own my computer like Adobe products). The cost is reasonable, too."

"Been looking for software to convert *.pdf documents to Excel, for months. Even got an Adobe trial and it didn't even come close to the speed and accuracy of Able2Extract. I'm very happy to have a huge, stressful problem solved. Thank you!"

I'm really excited to use this
"An IT guy (from Bullertech) who was helping us set-up a computer and sync stuff and saw I was having to convert Xactimate estimates into an Excel spreadsheet line by line. Adobe's convert couldn't line it up page by page correctly and I'd spend more time trying to format it then it would take it just do line by line and he told me about you guys and that you guys solve that exact problem for only $150 for a lifetime license."

Great Product!
"As an analyst, I receive several documents in PDF that need to be converted to Excel. Able2Extract not only converts the data cleaner than Adobe but saves hours by organizing the columns and rows prior to conversion."

Think Adobe knows PDF? (Not)
"I had to convert 25 PDFs, with crooked pages someone wrote on. I felt confident that Adobe would know PDFs more than anyone so I bought Adobe Acrobat Pro 1-year subscription. After spending hours cleaning up the mess, I went back to a product I had on my Vista PC 10 years ago. Downloaded trial version of Able2Extract and it converted the PDFs very fast and almost no errors. What a difference!! I am now trying to get my money back from Adobe, and love the interface Able2Extract has. This software is not good--it is very VERY good!! Count me in."

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