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Able2Extract User Testimonials

I love this software
I can train a worker to use it well in under two hours. It is also more accurate than any other stand-alone OCR software I've experimented with.

Carl K.
Consultant, Political Organization

Top quality software to handle PDFs
Product works smoothly and quickly in loading long PDF documents and allows a user to select portions or all of the document for conversion.

Malcolm L.
Owner, Chemicals

Super helpful program
I couldn't imagine doing my tax preparation without this great tool. I simply download my bank statements and credit card year-end summaries in PDF form, extract the data to Excel, do a little sorting and sifting and voila! Data is ready for my accountant.

Dede W.
Owner/Sole Proprietor, Architecture & Planning

Pays for itself the first time you use it
We mostly use this for converting PDFs to DWG format. The software is intuitive to use and conversion is fast.

David W.
CAD/IT Manager, Civil Engineering

Indispensable utility
This software is very easy to use and for the vast majority of the time, the simple automatic settings work flawlessly. For those other times, the simple interface lets you tweak the settings.

Peter P.
President, Construction

Able2Extract is an excellent product
Generally 99% to 100% accurate with conversions to Microsoft Office products. Editing PDFs is easy as well. Can't wait for the next version!

Don W.
Owner, Accounting

Best PDF Converter
Able2Extract Professional is still the industry standard.

Glenn A. Roseman
CPA, Glenn A. Roseman, P.C.

Does What I Need and Gets Better With Each Upgrade
Product is excellent for translating pdf financial transactions into csv for in-depth analyses.

Michael J Litton
Managing Partner, Litton CPA, LLC

It Works!
Fast, clear, and as advertised

Peter Smith
CEO, S-W Microchips, LLC

My life just got a whole lot easier
I've been using the product for years and consider it to be the best PDF to text converter on the market. Now that I can not only create, but also edit and annotate PDFs with the product, I can get rid of PDF creation products that don't quite cut it.

Diane McCartney
Translator/Editor, Cedilla

Best PDF Converter
I tried several PDF converters in the past, but none matches Able2Extract Pro quality and performance. On top of this, the customer support from Investintech is superb. I lost my key several times and I got help immediately how to recover it and how to activate my upgrade(s). I've been an user for Able2Extract for many years and always keep on upgrading it as it only gets better!

Christian Lubascher
Sales & Marketing Director, Graco Inc.

Able2Extract in the Media

Software How

PDF conversion is where Able2Extract Professional really shines. It has more export options and can export to more formats, than its competitors. If exporting PDFs to other formats with an impressive array of options is important to you, you won't find a better program.

Bit Rebels

Able2Extract is a tool that can save a lot of time and energy for professionals and students who have to work with a significant number of PDFs on a regular basis. With so many features in just one tool, it is the one-stop solution for all your PDF editing dilemmas.

The Swiss Army Knife for PDF Files

Everything PDF on your desktop using Able2Extract PRO:

  • Instantly convert PDF to MS Office, AutoCAD, and more.Improved
  • Batch create universally compatible PDF files in one go.
  • Edit text and form fields, split and merge PDF pages.
  • Batch convert scanned PDF files with Batch OCR converter.New
  • Open and compare two PDFs or any other printable documents.
  • Sign PDF documents with electronic signatures on the spot.
  • Perform OCR on documents in 12 different languages.Improved

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