New Able2Extract Professional 15 – New Interface, Language Support, Batch PDF Creator & More!

New Able2Extract Professional 15 Released

We’re excited to announce that we just released Able2Extract Professional 15, and we know you’ll be too. With a whole new look and major performance tweaks, Able2Extract is a PDF suite that caters to your working style. 

Adding to its already complete set of PDF features, we gave this latest version a complete makeover. The new interface look is more modern, more versatile and customizable where it matters most. 

On top of that, the latest version provides users with the ability to boost the PDF creation process and extract tabular data to Excel in a more refined manner.

In a nutshell? The all new and improved features make Able2Extract Professional 15 an even more valuable PDF tool. Below is a closer look at how.

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Meet Slim PDF Reader 2: Lightweight & Powerful Free PDF Viewer

Slim PDF Reader 2: Lightweight & Powerful Free PDF Viewer

We’re happy to announce today that Slim PDF Reader has finally been updated and is now available for free download on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Slim PDF Reader 2 is more powerful than ever as it focuses on improving your PDF viewing experience using a handful of advanced features and a brand-new, revamped UI.

It still earns its name by being the “slimmest” PDF viewer out there at 15.1 MB installer size and 47.8 MB on disk, which means you don’t have to deal with any of the over-sized and bloated readers you normally come across, all just to open and view a PDF!

What’s New In Slim PDF Reader?

Taking its cue from our main PDF software, Able2Extract Professional, Slim PDF Reader has gotten a new interface, more functionality, and better ways to customize how you deal with PDFs.

We’ve decided to set a benchmark for what every modern, free PDF reader should bring to the table. Let’s take a closer look.

Start Page 

  • Light/Dark Themes – Catering to how you work, whether you like a light interface or the comfort of a darker one while working at night, Slim PDF Reader offers you the choice. 
  • Recent Files list – Pick up where you left off with the last PDF. Slim PDF Reader keeps a record of the most recent PDF files you opened for quick access. 
  • Scale UI – You can adjust the UI scaling and get the interface at a more comfortable viewing size.  
Slim PDF Reader stat page

Another thing to mention at this point is the side navigation panel that allows you to navigate the PDF file via thumbnails, view any attachments, or flip through the PDF’s bookmarks.

Document Tools

These tools are here to help you interact with the information from your PDF. You can conveniently find these on the top toolbar. With these buttons, you can do more than just read your PDF. 

Slim PDF Reader main toolbar

The Hand tool allows you to click and “grab” the PDF page so you can scroll through the document easily and view certain sections more closely. 

The Copy button does exactly what it says and allows you to copy a text to the clipboard and paste it in other applications. The Snapshot tool, on the other hand, lets you create an image of a section of the page. Both of these features are aided by the Selection tool. 

Printing and setting up your PDF for printing is easily done with the Print button. And lastly, the Options button gives you the ability to quickly select your viewing settings and preferences.

PDF Viewing 

This brings us to PDF viewing, in particular, and the options you’ll find in the bottom toolbar. You can access different ways to view your PDF pages with a simple click or two. 

Slim PDF reader viewing options

You can customize whether you want to view one or two pages at a time, zoom in and out or go directly to the page you want to view. There are also options to rotate the active page clockwise or counterclockwise for those rare pages that are oriented differently.

Additionally, the bottom toolbar features a search box that lets you search for text inside the active document with options to filter out results for only whole words, and even perform searches that are case sensitive.

Interacting and Reviewing PDF

  • Annotate PDF Documents While Reading

While viewing PDFs, how many times do you wish you could reach out and highlight a word? Or scrawl in a note on a paragraph?

Slim PDF Reader now provides you with that option. You can use the same PDF annotations that you’re used to using in Able2Extract Professional. It comes with the same 10 in total – Sticky Notes, Underline, Highlighter, Stamp, Caret, Squiggly Line, Strikethrough, Attachment, Link, Watermark.

Slim PDF Reader annotation tools

Click on the annotation, click on the page where you want to insert it, and you can then customize the annotation’s appearance. To save those annotations, simply click on the Save or Save As buttons in the top toolbar.

  • PDF Signature Verification

Because security is always synonymous with PDF documents, you can rest assured the PDF you’re viewing has been secured with a valid digital signature. The Digital Signatures tab displays signature ownership information and validates its source.  

  • PDF Form Filling

Moreover, Slim PDF wouldn’t be complete without allowing you to interact with PDF forms. That’s right. Once you open an interactive PDF form, you can easily fill in the fields and submit it. You no longer need to stress over finding a work around to print and then re-scan your PDF form.

Download Free Now

Experience new ways to view your PDF documents without sacrificing the space and performance of your computer. Get powerful PDF features for free in the new and improved Slim PDF Reader 2.

Journalism Technology Toolbox | Clean, Analyse & Visualize Data

data has a better idea sign

As you may know, we’ve started up the first annual Investintech – CAJ Data Journalism scholarship, and we wanted to take a moment to focus on you, the student, who may be interested in applying.

The scholarship is aimed at helping students develop strong storytelling chops and the data skills to back it up, now a common expectation in the journalism industry. 

As a student, you can expect to come up against a number of challenges as you embark on your career, not only financially, but also technically.

The storytelling tools you need come in all shapes and forms. Thus, if you’re just getting your feet wet as a student journalist, we’ve put together a few tip offs on some tools you can expect to encounter in your career as a journalist, and where they may help you out the most.

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How to Batch Create PDF Documents: Multiple Word & Excel to PDF

Convert multiple Word, Excel & other printable files to PDF in a few clicks

If you work with digital documents, then you know both the satisfaction of being digitally productive and, despite that, the frustration of still not being able to work fast enough with PDFs.

With businesses primarily communicating and performing transactions digitally, it becomes essential to keep up with how other businesses and professionals work and in a timely manner, especially when they use the PDF format.

You can create a digital PDF document easily enough with regular PDF tools, but how quickly can you create multiple PDF files?

Able2Extract Professional 15 contains a new batch PDF creator feature that lets you create multiple PDF documents. This new tool allows you to create PDFs from existing documents and helps you to batch merge them, as well.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use it.

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Able2Extract Professional 14 Update Brings a Seamless Experience to macOS Catalina Users

Able2Extract Pro 14 macOS Catalina

As a cross-platform tool, Able2Extract Professional 14 was designed to work seamlessly with your PDF files on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. 

However, despite all our efforts, some bugs still managed to slip into the latest macOS version. As a result, the Able2Extract Professional 14 user experience on Catalina, the sixteenth and current major release of macOS, wasn’t as smooth as it could’ve been. 

Since being notified of them, our developers have been working continuously on fixing those bugs. The bugs that were fixed include:

  • Being unable to start the application when the default CSV delimiter is set to TAB
  • Users being unable to use whole directories during batch conversion
  • Difficulties using electronic signatures without a digital certificate
  • Toolbar items displayed with replacement characters

The good news is that those bugs, and other minor issues, have now been fixed. 

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