How to Set Slim PDF Reader as Your Default PDF Viewer

Set Slim PDF to always open PDF files by default

When working digitally with PDFs, you no doubt develop your own workflow and habits. From the files you open, to the tasks you perform to the software you use.

As a proficient computer user, you may be used to double-clicking a file and simply having it open as needed in the software you need instantly.

However, being able to do so first requires that you have your favorite software of choice set up to open the associated file format by default. If you don’t have a default program set up, you’re left to select the software you want to use each and every time. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

For those of you who already use Slim PDF Reader and haven’t set it as a default yet, we’ll walk you through the process.

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SlimPDF: The Smallest PDF Viewer Available

As a company bent on providing PDF users with the best conversion solutions, we’ve gone one step further and developed another solution to your PDF woes.

Today we release SlimPDF, a PDF viewer with the smallest download size—and it’s available for free.

With the security troubles Adobe Reader has currently gone through, SlimPDF can offer you a great alternative on more than one level. For one thing, SlimPDF cuts down on the size without sacrificing the functionality.


Where popular PDF viewers like Adobe Reader weigh in at just over 26 MB, SlimPDF is a mere 1.43 MB download you can easily fit onto a USB for use on any computer.

SlimPDF Comparison

Also, as anyone who’s handled a PDF before may know, the way a PDF is viewed can be a priority. In SlimPDF’s 1MB file size, you can get the same essential viewing features that let you interact with any PDF file.

SlimPDF toolbar

You can access your favourite zooming features for hard to read text or quickly hit the navigation buttons to skip to the pages you need to see in overly long PDF files.

SlimPDF navigation

Searching is also made easy right from the toolbar with the search arrows located by the search box, and you can either search backwards or forwards within the file.

SlimPDF Find

To boot, you can quickly check in on any updates or developments with the social media buttons in the right hand corner of the main toolbar.

If a free reader with a small download size and a clean GUI are your thing, check out SlimPDF here.