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Convert PDF to Excel

Use our accurate PDF to Excel converter tools to instantly turn your PDF tables into
perfectly formatted Excel sheets that are easy to analyze, update, and edit.

Free Online PDF to Excel Converter

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How to convert PDF to Excel free online:

Step 1: Upload your PDF file.

Step 2: Download the converted XLSX file.

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Desktop PDF to Excel Converter & More

Enjoy quick and accurate offline PDF conversions, and many other advanced tools on your desktop with Able2Extract Professional:

  • Turn PDF, Word, images, and more into MS Excel.
  • Convert 100+ complex PDF tables per minute.
  • 1:1 transfer of original table formatting and cell styles.
  • Batch convert multiple PDF files to XLS, XLSX, & CSV.
  • Extract scanned PDF data with multi-language OCR.Improved
  • Edit, sign, create, review, and secure your PDFs.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What are Main Differences Between the Two PDF to Excel Solutions?

No Download Needed

Our Free online PDF to Excel tool allows you to convert your PDF to Excel right in your favorite browser (an active internet connection is required).

No Internet Needed

Able2Extract PRO works completely offline on all major platforms - Windows, macOS, and Linux. No files are uploaded to external servers.

Quicker Conversions

The conversion process is quick and simple. Online PDF to Excel converter can only convert entire PDF files to XLSX with no additional options.

More Accurate Conversions

With Able2Extract PRO you can perform selective PDF to Excel conversions. You can adjust table rows and columns and preview conversion results prior to conversion.

Basic OCR Technology

The online converter automatically recognizes scanned PDF data and converts it to an editable Excel file. Non-English characters are not recognized.

Multi-language OCR Engine

Able2Extract PRO’s OCR can successfully convert scanned documents in English, Spanish, French, and German. Advanced options are also available.

Convert Files One by One

You can upload your PDF documents and download the converted Excel files one by one. The free online converter does not support batch conversion.

Convert Multiple Files Instantly

You can use Able2Extract PRO to batch process multiple PDF documents at once and upload even whole folders for conversion to Excel in a single step.

Free with Size Limits

Completely free to use. No need to sign up or leave your email address. The file size limit is 50 MB. We use a 2048-bits RSA key with SHA-256 encryption.

Free Trial & No Limits

Able2Extract PRO comes with a 7-day free trial (3-page conversion limit). A lifetime license comes without any limitations (you can use it forever).

Basic PDF Converter Tool

Our free online tool can only convert PDF to Excel. Advanced features like batch conversion or preview file output prior to conversion are not available.

All-in-One PDF Solution

Able2Extract PRO is a complete solution for all your PDF needs. PDF editing, signatures and encryption included. It can be used as your everyday stand-alone PDF viewer.

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Go Beyond Basic PDF to Excel Conversion with Able2Extract PRO

Save Time with Batch Processing

Instead of converting one PDF at a time, use our desktop PDF to Excel converter to batch process hundreds of PDFs to formatted Excel files at once.

Powerful Multi-Language OCR Engine

Use our high-fidelity OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to turn any scanned PDF into accessible Excel spreadsheet data you can edit right away.

Convert Just Data You Need

You don’t have to convert the entire PDF file. You can extract a desired page range, one specific page, or even a single table from your PDF without the surrounding text - hassle-free.

No Internet? No Problem!

Able2Extract works offline - no need to access the internet or to upload your files to external servers. Conversions are performed locally on your computer.

Lifetime Access to All Tools

Get unlimited access to Able2Extract’s advanced PDF to Excel conversion features along with all of its other conversion, editing, OCR, and signature tools.

custom pdf to excel conversion

Custom PDF to Excel Conversion

Able2Extract Professional is the only PDF converter that offers Custom PDF to Excel conversion. This distinctive feature allows you to save hours spent on re-formatting converted spreadsheet data.

The software offers unique custom conversion tools backed by AI that give you full manual control over how you export your tabular data to Excel. Move and adjust spreadsheet rows and columns, add or delete tables, tweak headers and footers, re-plot tables to customize the output to your liking. You can see how the conversion will look using the handy preview window.

The latest Able2Extract is enhanced with a smart layout detector that ensures all original fonts, cell borders, background colors, and layout properties remain consistent after conversion.

The result? Perfectly formatted Excel sheets every single time!

PDF to Excel Conversion Examples

The following are some PDF to Excel conversion examples using Able2Extract:





The fastest way to convert the whole PDF to Excel.


Convert only a part of PDF table to Excel spreadsheet.


Convert a PDF table excluding surrounding content.


Transfer table properties and cell styles with Smart Layout Detector.

PDF to Excel FAQ

If you are looking for speed and convenience, online PDF to Excel tools are the way to go - they are free and only require an internet connection. They can be accessed through any browser on all operating systems, whether you are using desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Before you choose your go-to online converter, make sure it doesn’t ask for any personal information, doesn’t leave watermarks on converted spreadsheets, has OCR for scanned files, delivers the output as soon as the file is converted, and has a proper security set up if you are concerned about your sensitive data.

On the other hand, if you need a more powerful, feature-rich solution for extracting tables with the best accuracy possible, you should consider a desktop software application. Able2Extract Professional works offline, it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and delivers what is arguably the most advanced PDF to Excel extraction technology.

It offers features such as extracting only tables (without the surrounding content) in just a few clicks, templates for similarly formatted files, batch converter for converting multiple files in one go, manually setting columns, rows, headers and footers, choosing between Microsoft Office and open source spreadsheet file formats, and gives a preview of the Excel file before the conversion takes place.

In order to convert PDF to Excel without an internet connection you need to download a software application to your computer. But before you do, make sure that your machine meets system requirements of the program and that the program has support for the operating system you’re using.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, launch it by double-clicking an icon placed on your desktop.

The usual process of converting PDF to Excel through a desktop application consists of a couple of steps: open a PDF document, choose a desired file format, page range, or other advanced options for a custom-tailored conversion, and then launch the conversion to get an output Excel file.

Besides offering a plethora of advanced options for the most demanding users, Able2Extract Professional also makes it possible for users who are in a rush to accomplish PDF to Excel conversion literally in seconds - just open a PDF, click on the Excel icon in the main toolbar and you’re done.

If you have a digital PDF copy of a scanned paper document and want to extract tabular data for further editing, you need advanced technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Depending on the quality of the scan (sharpness, tilt, colors) and power behind the OCR engine you’re using, results can vary significantly. The OCR technology is very demanding in terms of computing resources and quite expensive for a server implementation, so most online, free tools can’t match the quality of a dedicated OCR engine baked into a desktop application.

One additional thing to consider is multi-language support if you need to extract some special characters out of your scanned PDFs. Able2Extract Professional supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish languages.

Some online tools advertise the possibility of converting multiple PDF files to Excel in one go. Most of the time, users need to sign-up or provide some kind of personal information to proceed with the batch PDF to Excel conversion.

As this an advanced feature, it’s usually reserved for full-fledged desktop applications. Batch Converter tool in Able2Extract lets users add files and even whole directories (if a folder contains multiple file formats, only PDFs will be imported) to the conversion queue.

Files can be converted to Excel, open office, or CSV file formats and users can apply templates for similarly formatted documents. Output file can be placed in the source directory, users can specify the location, or they can opt for merging results into a single file which is a huge time saver when tabular data from a large number of PDFs needs to be analyzed in one spreadsheet.

This feature is rare. You’ll find it in desktop applications more often then in browser-based tools. In most cases, algorithms will do the job for you and all you have to do is choose the feature in conversion options. As you would expect, all you need is a couple of clicks to achieve this with Able2Extract Professional.

Unfortunately, PDFs don’t store formatting in metadata unless they are tagged. This issue can hamper your productivity as you’ll have to manually clean up the resulting spreadsheet.

However, even if you are dealing with a non-tagged PDF, Able2Extract can help you custom tailor your PDF to Excel output in such a way that no work is needed post conversion.

Custom PDF to Excel feature lets you set column and row lines precisely, edit splitting settings, and preview the resulting table to make adjustments with accuracy and ease.

The process is the same as on your desktop! Just open your mobile browser of choice and navigate to the Free Online PDF to Excel Converter page on Investintech’s website. Once you are here, tap the rectangle to select a PDF for conversion and once the conversion is done, download the resulting spreadsheet on your smartphone or tablet powered by Android or Apple’s operating system for handheld devices.

When it comes to our free PDF to Excel online tool, it doesn’t matter which operating system or browser you use. The simple 2-step process will give you the ability to extract tabular data from PDF into editable Excel files instantly.

If you need an offline solution, just download Able2Extract for Mac and enjoy quick and precise conversions, as well as advanced features to get just the data you need.