Introducing the New Able2Extract Professional 19!

Guess what? We’re excited to announce that we just launched Able2Extract Professional 19

This latest version comes with new key features that will take your PDF productivity level up a few notches. How? We took a couple of the best of Able2Extract Pro features and enhanced their capabilities. 

With a brand new batch OCR conversion feature, the ability to convert directly from Windows Explorer, an enhanced OCR engine, and overall conversion and performance improvements this latest version will change your PDF conversion game! 

Join us as we dive into the new and exciting abilities you get with our all-in-one PDF converter.  

What’s New in Able2Extract Pro 19?

If you’re familiar with Able2Extract Pro, then you already know what it’s capable of. So how do we top that? Check out the newest additions to this latest version.

Convert Multiple Scanned PDFs with OCR Batch Conversion

How many times have you struggled to get through a long queue of PDFs that included scanned PDFs? Well, the struggle is over. Able2Extract Professional 19 now lets you bulk convert scanned PDFs. 

Any image or scanned PDFs you add to your batch conversion line up can be converted just as if they were native PDFs. Just upload them into the batch conversion interface and convert as usual. Perfect if you need to work with a number of documents or books that have been scanned into PDFs.

Scanned PDF batch conversion with Able2Extract Pro 19

It’s the same easy batch process, but with expanded capabilities. It applies to scanned PDFs in whole directories and even with Custom Excel Templates.

Convert PDFs Directly from Windows Explorer

With Able2Extract Professional 19, you can also get to your PDF conversion tasks even faster. This latest version lets you do it directly from your desktop with the new Windows Explorer extension.

You no longer need to go into the application to convert your PDF. Simply right-click on your PDF and select your conversion output format. And that’s it! The conversion process will start automatically.

PDF conversion with Able2Extract Pro 19 Windows Explorer extension

You can convert individual PDFs with the same conversion technology, quality, and speed in only two clicks.

Improved OCR Technology

We also doubled-down on OCR enhancements. Our latest tweaks to the already advanced OCR engine make for even more accurate text recognition

The new image to text conversion capabilities include improved recognition technology that uses multiple, more powerful OCR engines to analyze and interpret text from scanned PDFs. 

On top of that, improvements have been made to  better detect, recognize, and convert words with mixed alpha numeric characters. This means that you can convert an even wider range of scanned text than before.

Overall Conversion Improvements

On top of the latest features, we’ve also taken care to improve the conversion output for all formats, ensuring that with every conversion, you get the best results possible.

Our conversion technology is now better equipped to deliver accurate text, formatting, and image conversions while providing faster processing speeds than previous versions. 

No matter what type of PDF content you’re dealing with, you can expect a higher level of quality with every conversion. 

Bug Fixes and Improved Compatibility

Lastly, we tweaked and enhanced the technology behind Able2Extract Professional. We’ve focused on improving performance, conversion output, compatibility with other software and systems, and enhancing your security. 

The result? Better conversion output without having to do anything differently – the enhancements are baked right in.

Redefine your PDF productivity with Able2Extract Professional 19 

Able2Extract Professional 19 is not just an upgrade; it’s a new way of defining PDF productivity. Convert multiple scanned PDFs faster, start PDF conversions with a few clicks, generate better text extractions, and work securely and with peace of mind. 

With one upgrade, you can improve and speed up your PDF workflows. Check out Able2Extract Professional 19 and experience the difference!