Meet the Winners
Investintech - CAJ Data Journalism Scholarship

We’re proud to award the Investintech - CAJ Journalism Scholarship to students who show a potential in journalism work and a solid foundation of technical data skills that are required in the field.

Below you will find a complete list of annual winners who have won the scholarship. Find out more about these journalism students and the work they submitted. In addition, you can get a good look at how the Selection Jury evaluated the work, ultimately selecting it as a winning submission.

Winning Recipient for 2023 - 2024

Investintech CAJ Scholarship Winner 2024

Sonia Persaud

Sonia is an undergraduate student at Western University, in London, Ontario, where she is studying neuroscience and is the features editor at the student newspaper, the Western Gazette. She is passionate about data journalism and stories focusing on science, health, and equity. Sonia has previously been recognized for her work with the 2023 John H. McDonald Data Journalism Award from the Canadian University Press (CUP), and was shortlisted for CUP’s 2024 Student Journalist of the Year award.

You can find her on X (Twitter) at: Sonia Persaud

Sonia has won the Investintech - CAJ Journalism Scholarship for his journalistic work and submissions:

Example of journalistic work

How the work was done

Selection Jury’s Feedback

Our selection jury has reviewed and evaluated each submission closely, looking at the student’s work from a journalistic point of view. Below is the jury’s explanation of why they chose the winning submission.

“Sonia’s story was an outstanding example of a data-driven story on a current and highly relevant topic. The submission showcased strong initiative, good story-telling skills, solid methodology, and included an impressive use of data and sentiment analysis. The data visualizations she created were clear and well-designed and supported the overall story. Sonia clearly has a bright future as a data journalist with the skills she demonstrated in her submission.”

Here is what the new recipient had to say about receiving the Investintech - CAJ Scholarship:

I am deeply honoured to receive this year's Investintech-CAJ Data Journalism scholarship. With misinformation proliferating in online spaces, the role of data journalism to seek out and interrogate data in service of the public good is more important than ever. I'm grateful to Investintech and the CAJ for their support of emerging journalists and their commitment to advancing the field of Canadian data journalism.

Past Winners

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