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Here you can learn the difference between free and premium support plans, get answers to questions you have about support coverage, and subscribe to our premium support - SAP.

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Support Plans FAQ

What support plans are available?

At Investintech PDF Solutions, we have always prided ourselves on providing the best customer service and technical support in the business.

To ensure that our support teams maintain the gold standard that our users expect, we offer two levels of support: Free and Premium.

With every license of our software purchased from Investintech, you are entitled to our complementary support.

Free support is included via our online knowledge base and also by email for holders of the current version of our software products.

Our free support queries are typically addressed after queries from those with our premium support plan.

In our knowledge base, you will find a vast collection of help articles that cover all common product questions for Able2Extract Professional, including topics that range from licensing and upgrade questions to error messages and conversion issues.

The knowledge base is comprehensive and filled with resolutions to common tech issues and FAQs collected over time. We are always updating it with new issues as they come in.

Software Advantage Plan is a premium (paid) annual support subscription that enables you to maximize your investment in Able2Extract Professional.

Our premium support is best suited for home and business users who need front-of-the-line access to our support teams and priority software maintenance (compatibility updates, security patches).

As a subscriber, you can benefit from a one-on-one approach with our customer and technical support teams. By purchasing a premium support subscription, you get:

  • Priority support via phone and email (your support queries are handled as top priority).
  • Access to a personalized support portal on our website.
  • Access to all minor updates and major software upgrades at no extra cost.
  • Exclusive early access to new, unreleased product builds.
  • Special discounts on future volume licensing purchases.

Start taking immediate advantage of our premium support the minute you subscribe to SAP

The Software Advantage Plan is available for Able2Extract Professional.

It is offered as one premium support subscription per license purchased.

Users of our now discontinued PDF software (Able2Doc, Able2Doc Professional, Sonic PDF Creator, Able2Extract Standard), are not eligible for premium support. However, they can purchase Able2Extract Professional license and get premium support for it.

Once you subscribe to our premium support, you will receive a subscription code.

You can then call us at +1 416 920 5884 (Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm EST), contact us via email or log into your support portal.

Whenever you reference your subscription code in your email or in your call, we will push your issue to the front of the support queue, where you will gain instant access to support for your needs.

Logging into your support portal will give you hands-on access to customer service. You can submit support tickets directly to customer support, stay updated on the status of your open requests, and see which Able2Extract updates and upgrades are available to download.

A subscription to our Software Advantage Plan is available for $39.95/year.

Subscribing is quick and easy. You can purchase a Software Advantage Plan subscription online through our website shopping cart. Simply click on the button below.

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Once we receive your order, you are automatically registered and can start taking advantage of your premium support subscription membership immediately.