How to Preserve PDF Table Cell Styles with Able2Extract Professional

preserve styling when converting pdf to excel

How to Use Able2Extract Professional’s Smart Layout Detector

With your PDF document open in the Convert tab

  1. Go into the side panel, and in the Excel section, ensure you have the Excel 2007 (XLSX) Format option selected in the drop down box.

    advanced pdf to excel converter

    This will activate two checkbox options:
    • Convert Background Styles - Check this option to preserve and convert the background styles of your tabular data.
    • Convert Border Styles - Check this option to preserve and convert the border styles of your tabular data.
  2. Check the option of the cell formatting styles you would like to keep.
  3. Make your selection for conversion, and convert PDF to Excel as usual.

When your conversion is done, your tables and the cell formatting will be transferred over.

convert pdf to excel without losing formatting

This means you can start working with the data in cells without having to reformat and color code your data again. Your cell and style elements remain intact.

To try out the feature, download Able2Extract Professional for free, and get your PDF tables and formatted data extracted accurately the first time around.

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