How to Extract Similar Data Fields from PDF Files

Extracting similar PDF data

Every single person that works with PDF files has probably come across a situation where they needed to extract certain information from PDF to MS Excel. Usually, this extraction process is a walk in the park. However, when you need to extract data that share similar features, the basic PDF to Excel conversion won’t cut it.

Surely, it will get the job done but still, you will need to manually go through numerous sheets to find the data important to you. And you’ll loop back at the beginning wasting precious time while combing through the pile of numbers.

That’s why we decided to introduce you to a timesaving hack that will allow you to stay on top of things while dealing with such tasks. Able2Extract goes beyond the capabilities of a regular PDF tool and enables you to extract only the relevant data fields from a PDF document. Continue reading

How to Work with Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Google sheet pivot tables

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that is a part of Googles web-based office suite. The program represents an online alternative to Microsoft Excel but it’s compatible both with Microsoft and Open Office file formats.

Since its initial release, back in 2006, there is an ongoing debate whether people should use Google Sheets or MS Excel. There’s no right or wrong answer to this. It all comes down to specific needs and tasks.

Someone would praise Google for its simplicity and ease of collaboration. Others would argue that Google Sheets, compared to Excel is lacking in the functionality department

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Make Free Halloween eCards in 5 Easy Steps with Able2Extract

Halloween Greetings eCard

Halloween is just around the corner! By the time you are reading this, it is probably long overdue for you to send greeting cards or party invitations to your friends and family by regular mail.

On the other hand, as a business owner, you might think it is too late to create personal Halloween greeting eCard for your loyal customers and long-time partners.

No need to worry! To share in the Halloween spirit with your friends, family, and business associates, all you need is Able2Extract Pro 11 and a bit of creativity.

Lets not waste any more time – just follow these 5 easy steps and create your own Halloween eCard!

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Then vs Now: Classroom Technology & Gadgets

Educational Technology Gadgets

In past decades, the rapid development of technology led to technological breakthroughs that shaped the world we live in.  Now, it is safe to say that technology has a major influence on our daily life and the way we use technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives.

Education is no exception. Some of the technological innovations forever altered our process of learning and education. Modern educators realize that in order for education to be purposeful and effective they need to embrace the trends and push the classroom doors wide open to new tech trends.

The use of technology in the classroom is no longer a matter of choice, but a necessity. Traditional ways of learning, in which the lecturer is the center of attention that transfers the knowledge are getting repulsive and uninteresting to students all around the world. Cutting edge learning gadgets and software brought an altogether new way of learning which enables scholars to be active participants in the educational process.

In our last post we explained how one productivity tool can make the difference between boredom and curiosity in the classroom. Now we take a look at some of the gadgets that are used to make time spent in the classroom more dynamic and fun.

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The One Productivity Tool Challenge


Sometimes there are way too many tools needed to complete a single document management task. This is especially true if you’re limited to using free tools instead of a professional software solution that would enable you to handle multiple tasks at once.

As advantageous as it is to be able to complete a task for free, having access to a powerful professional software solution like Able2Extract Professional has its benefits too. Here at Investintech, we aim to make things as simple as possible when it comes to working with your PDFs and digital documents in general.

So today we’re taking on a challenge of demonstrating how versatile Able2Extract Professional is. We’ll show you on the example of managing educational presentations.

We dedicate this post to teachers since they know best how a good presentation can make the difference between boredom and curiosity in the classroom.

Without further ado, let’s just dive right into it! Continue reading