6 PDF To Excel Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Data Expert


Analyzing Spreadsheet Data

Dealing with a lot of work related documents can be stressful and overwhelming. Amidst the digital evolution, we often find ourselves stuck with a crazy amount of data stuck in PDFs that it’s hard to keep up.

It’s hard to imagine a day in the office without at least one productivity tool to help you overcome the most overwhelming of workloads and  bottlenecks.

It can get stressful, but if you’re a professional who constantly deals with that much information, then you know a trick or two to better organize your work.

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How To Write Better Research Papers In Microsoft Word

Studying with Technology

Being a student isn’t easy. When you’re writing academic papers and theses, help in any shape or form, is highly welcome, especially if you hate writing.

That’s why being familiar with new tools and just keeping up to date with current tech trends, will make the writing process much easier.

As a student, you‘re no doubt familiar with Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker that helps you polish your writing. But do you ever go beyond those two features when drafting your documents?

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft comes with Editor and Researcher tools to complement the ones you commonly use and have at your disposal.

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Investintech’s Next Special Build Is Here: Able2Extract Pro 11.2!

If you aren’t a member of our Software Advantage Plan (SAP) yet, now’s the time to sign up! We just released our latest special build: Able2Extract Professional 11.2!  

… And all SAP members get free access to it.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, our premium customer support subscription package gives every member VIP treatment and special perks that let you get the best of Able2Extract, whether it be front of the line customer support, special volume discounts or access to special builds, like this one.

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How To Convert PDF To HTML

Editing HTML Code

Do you know what PDF and HTML format have in common? They’re both universal. The PDF format can be used on any computing device and platform, while HTML pages represent the standard for online, browser-based site viewing.

But are there times when using one over the other is better? You bet. And in this day and age when everybody is online and can create a personal website in seconds, it’s more crucial than ever to know when, where and how to work around both formats.

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What You Need To Know Before You Go Paperless

Creating Paperless Office

In today’s modern world, technology is  constantly on the rise and almost everything is being digitized. Take paper, for example. If you think about it, just a decade ago we were still using it to store information relevant to our everyday work. We were writing down everything from notes and phone numbers to memos and contracts — you name it.

The digital evolution is great at changing the way we now use these documents. It’s as simple as sending an email, downloading files and saving a phone number on your smartphone. The lack of paper mountains at our workstations definitely implies that productivity has increased and our work life is much more streamlined.

However, if you think that paper is completely gone, think again. Some workplaces and individuals are still resistant. There are different areas that heavily rely on paper documents such as legal departments, HR, administration, as they still print out contracts, permits, and receipts. We’re still on a bumpy road to a completely paperless existence, and this is a good thing.

There will always be pros and cons for using paper. So today we’re taking a look at a few concrete ways the paperless goal is changing our lives in hopes that this can help you answer the question of why you should or shouldn’t go fully paperless.

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