Everything You Need To Know About Converting Scanned PDFs

scanned documents

Since moving towards the “paperless” business concept, industries and companies are scanning both printed and handwritten material on a daily basis.

It isn’t uncommon to want to digitize every hard copy file your company has in order to keep pace with technology. Doing so streamlines document management processes and provides easier access to crucial records.

Yet, though scanned documents can help many businesses transform and improve their performance, scanned documents still have a few setbacks.

More often than not, those scanned documents are saved in the PDF format, making it hard to interact with the content as needed. Since a scanned document is just a photo, the text or handwriting within the file can’t be edited nor searched, which presents a problem in many situations. For example, if you wish to create a financial report in Excel by using some scanned receipts and documents, there aren’t many ways to do this. Continue reading

How To Work Inside The Able2Extract Productivity Box

able2extract productivity tips

When you have a PDF document and are strapped for time and resources, it becomes a challenge: how much and what exactly can you accomplish with your PDF tool?

As an Able2Extract user, you’ve probably wondered the same.

So this week, we’re uncovering ways in which you can streamline your PDF productivity with  Able2Extract Professional.  

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5 Upcoming Data Science Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

Analytics And Information Science

Data science is one of the trendiest fields in technology today. It’s an ever-growing and constantly changing field. There’s no doubt that data science is here to stay, so keeping yourself updated is a must.

There is no better way to stay up-to-date with data science trends than by attending industry-related conferences. Data science conferences keep you updated not only with current trends, but also with challenges and the potentials of your profession.

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7 Ideal Jobs For Excel Users

Working With Excel

Microsoft Excel is a common application. You may have used it on the job or for school, but chances are that you only used it for its most basic uses.

However, Excel skills are more important than ever. And those who know how to tap into Excel are in a better position to find a better paying job. Even simply knowing how to convert PDF to Excel can increase your chances.

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How Technology Is Shaping The Way Professionals Work

Digital Document Workflow

It may seem like every industry is already plugged into tech and professionals are working smoothly with digital workflows, the actual truth is that there are still technological bumps in the road. This may be due to the personal workflows of professionals themselves or the industry they’re in which may be slow to adopt more digital methods.

Regardless of the cause, technical expertise within an industry comes with learning. And most professionals are still learning their way around technology. So how are industries and professionals dealing with the digital shift that surrounds us? We take a look at three sectors.

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