You Just Filed Your Taxes, Now What?

Consistent Data Formatting

Tax season just ended, and you probably filed your return with either the CRA or the IRS. So now what?

Even though you may be taking a deep sigh of relief that it’s over, don’t be too quick to celebrate. There are still a few things you can do to ensure that next year goes a bit more smoothly.

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How To Create Excel Pivot Tables

Excel Spreadsheet DiagramWe all use Microsoft Excel for different reasons. It’s a great tool for any basic or complex calculations because it’s so easy to adjust and edit your data. Besides this, there are several important features why someone would be using Excel on a daily basis:

  • To visualize data — Excel charts are not perfect, but they serve a great purpose for visualizing information and numerical data.
  • For checklists — It seems unusual, but people do use Excel to take notes, create tables and lists since it’s flexible, powerful and reliable.
  • To deal with a large quantity of data — Pivot tables and data filtering is useful and can help when you wish to find any info on complex data sets. Also, Excel allows you to perform all sorts of tasks regarding quick data manipulation.

Excel is amazing, but it isn’t surprising that the data imported into Excel spreadsheets oftentimes comes from a PDF document. It isn’t rare to find bank statements, various legal documents, account reports, and other corporate and federal data locked in PDF, data that needs to be sifted through and analyzed in Pivot tables.

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How To Change PDF Paper Sizes

Letter Size Bond Paper

The beauty about PDF conversion is that it makes working with your digital content in any number of ways easy. Yet while the PDF is meant to preserve your content, there are cases where you may need to make some adjustments to the document, such as changing the paper size.

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How To Convert And Edit Free Printable Easter PDF Templates

Colored Easter Eggs

April, bunnies and colored eggs! Does that sound familiar? If so, you’re right. Easter is almost here and it’s time to surprise your loved ones and kids with the usual Easter holiday goodies.  

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How To Redact Sensitive Data In PDF Tax Documents

Performing Manual Calculations

Paying income taxes can be a real nightmare for some, but we all pay taxes in one form or another. For example, when you work at your job to make money, taxes are deducted from your pay. Also, when you make purchases at stores, some percentage of the cost you pay goes towards sales tax. The same thing goes for owning property — you pay property taxes. But, how did income taxes all start?

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