Government And Education Sectors Get Discount Pricing On Able2Extract

Able2Extract discount best offer

We’re giving special discount pricing on Able2Extract Professional to:

  • Government departments and employees – 10%
  • Educators and students – 15%

To apply for a discount, just email in with your request at with the subject line “Governmental discount” or “Educational discount” and one of our representatives will set you up.

Save now on your perpetual copy of Able2Extract Professional!

Read a bit more to find out how an Able2Extract discount can work in your favor.

Get Discount Pricing For Government Departments, Educators & Students

The need for a PDF converter starts with the inability to complete simple everyday PDF tasks.  For instance, if you work in the government, then you know that PDF forms, policies, and budget records are only a few of the biggest uses of the file format. As a government employee, your tasks can involve anything from editing and collaboration to form filling and data transfer. The PDF is the only suitable file format for securing government content while sharing it with others and keeping it intact at the same time.

We also know that educators and students need an alternative to the high prices that come with high level PDF tools like Adobe®️ Acrobat®️. As an educator, sifting through PDF research for hours on end can be stressful when you aren’t able to manipulate the PDF content in the way that you need to. It goes without saying that this also applies to those of you who are students receiving PDF material for class. In both cases, you need to be financially tough when deciding on the tools you invest in.

We get it. That’s why at Investintech, we’re giving government departments and employees 10% off and educators and students 15% off on the desktop version of Able2Extract Professional.

Both discounts are on-going without any time limits, so you can cash in on this special pricing offer when you need to.

What PDF Features Do You Get With The Discount?

These discounts are a bargain when you consider what you get with Able2Extract Professional. Not only do you get a PDF converter, but you also get a PDF creator, editor, viewer, PDF form filler and signing tool, all in one software program.

Here’s a list of some of the other major features you can get with one installation:

  • PDF conversion to more than 10 formats
  • Scanned and native PDF conversion
  • Create secured PDFs with passwords and file permissions
  • Edit PDF text, paragraphs, and pages
  • Sign PDF with electronic and cryptographic signatures
  • Verify cryptographic signatures
  • Custom convert PDF to Excel
  • Speed up conversions with AI-Powered PDF to Excel templates
  • Add customized Bates Numbering
  • Add PDF annotations to PDF content
  • Redact sensitive PDF information
  • Batch convert multiple PDFs at one time
  • Convert any printable format to Excel
  • …and more!

Check out this YouTube video to learn how the latest version of Able2Extract Professional can help you accomplish even more with Everything PDF.

Whether your department uses Windows, macOS or Linux, Able2Extract can work across all platforms. The software is completely secure and doesn’t require the internet or Adobe®️ Acrobat®️ to work. Free support is included.

Just email in with your request to purchase Able2Extract for your government or education department and we can set you up. For individual college and university students, you can send in a picture of your student card for verification.

Join the Investintech Reseller Network

Also, for those of you who are interested in becoming a reseller and helping others find Able2Extract, we’ve got a reseller program you can check out.

Our reseller partners help in providing local resources for installation, support and language issues that involve our PDF conversion products. They also allow our customers to purchase in their own currency and help other local customers get set up quickly and easily.

Why else would you join as a reseller? Resellers receive substantial discounts on the web prices of our software and we provide you with any technical and customer support you may need. As a resellers, you will even be listed on our reseller web page with a link to your website.

Does the sound like something you’re interested in? If so, let us know and sign up! To join our reseller network, simply complete our Reseller Program Information Form. Get in touch with Claire Rush at for more information.

Take Advantage Of Able2Extract Now

There’s no better time to take advantage of this offer and the reseller program. With everyone transitioning from physical paperwork to electronic documents, PDF files are becoming the main staple in every workflow that requires a computer.

You can give the software a test drive with the Able2Extract free trial for 7 days, risk-free. Try the above features on your PDF and see how the software works out for your PDF documents.

Able2Extract is the Swiss army knife for PDFs that you’ll want in your productivity toolbox. It’s the one-time investment and one-time installation you’ll never have to worry about again.