How To Create A Printable Valentine’s Day PDF Coupon Booklet With Sonic

It’s always tough coming up with the perfect gift for our loved ones, especially around Valentine’s Day when generic chocolate boxes and teddy bears take the spotlight. Have you found that ideal gift yet?

If not and you’re thinking of gifting something creative and genuine this year, a Valentine’s Day coupon booklet might just be the thing you’re looking for.

The idea behind this concept is to customize each coupon with actions  and treats that others can “cash in” on. The more you know the person, the more meaningful your coupon gift can be.  So if your significant other hates a certain chore, you can create a coupon offering to do it for them. It’s a great (free) way to give a personal gift that keeps on giving!

Valentine printable gift

Getting them into a PDF booklet is just a handy way of getting them in a format you can save and instantly print up and give out.  But you may find it difficult to get the formatting just right for a printable book.   An easy way to do this is by using the Create Booklet feature in Sonic.

It can create and format a booklet from regular PDF files intended for professional print and assembly, like brochures and pamphlets.  And we can certainly use the feature for basic DIY booklet projects like this one.

Creating A Simple Printable PDF Booklet

You’ll first need to generate your coupons, which calls for  a bit of careful thinking.  To help here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Offer coupons for your kids to stay up for one hour or to get some extra dessert
  • Spouses who are always fixing things around the house  can offer to handle the next household disaster
  • Boyfriends can include coupons to sit in on a chick flick with their girlfriends
  • For friends, how about a coupon to buy the next round of drinks?

After you have your  ideas, you can create your own coupons from scratch in Microsoft Office Word with text boxes and a bit of formatting.  We used a Word template because of its simplicity.  We customized the text, added some fine print, and saved it to our computer.

Valentine Coupon Template

Our template only offered 2 coupons per page, so we used 8 of them, customized each, and batch converted them. We then merged all the PDFs to get a single 8 page PDF with 16 coupons for this tutorial.

When you have your own file ready to go:

1) In Sonic, use the Create PDF From File command to browse, select and convert your MS Word to PDF.

2) Click on the Create Booklet option

Create PDF Booklet Sonic

3) Select your options.

i) For a basic booklet, select Landscape mode and LETTER sized paper.

Sonic Create Booklet options

ii) Under Scale, select Auto. Ensure Proportionally is selected.

iii) Leave the Margins default settings to leave room for any personalizations you’ll want to add in after it’s printed.

iv) For Binding Type, select Book. Set the Sheets per Fold setting at 4.  This works for an 8 page PDF with 2 coupons per page. It combines 2 pages onto one, allowing you to bind the pages at the centre. When folded, you get single-sided coupons which are perfect for cutting out.

Valentine Sonic booklet layout

v) Crop Marks and Bleed Allowance can be left to their default values.

4) Add any other elements that are appropriate:

  • Add a secure PDF password to keep the PDF coupons secure and prevent any other print outs.
  • If there’s no set expiration date, add a watermark down the length of each page first to keep track of them.
  • Go back and add a cover page to the booklet. Insert a blank page you can stamp an image on or add a page from another PDF.

5) Save the PDF booklet to your computer, print it out, and bind the pages.

Here’s what ours looked like, fresh off the printer with the above settings and an added cover page. As you can see, you’ll have a lot of freedom to jazz it up in your own style:

Printed Valentine PDF Booklet

If you haven’t used the feature yet, now is a good time to get acquainted with it. So go ahead and start in on your own booklet.  No doubt, you’ll have a lot of original and thoughtful coupons to generate.

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Able2Extract PDF Converter Now Has A LinkedIn Showcase Page!


We’re excited to announce that we just another great place where you can catch up and get to know Able2Extract:  LinkedIn Showcase.

You may be wondering with all the other networks we’re on, what a LinkedIn Showcase page has to offer. Well, LinkedIn Showcase pages offer a way for LinkedIn users to engage on a more personal level with businesses and services that matter to them.

LinkedIn Showcase: What to Expect

And this is what we’re planning for our Able2Extract LinkedIn Showcase page.  We’ll share reviews written by bloggers, usage tips, and discussion posts where you can fully voice your own opinions and feedback.

We’ll also post handy information as a general FYI to get a full picture of the PDF format and Able2Extract in context.  It’s a great network to learn everything you wanted to know.

Not only that, but to ensure that we offer you an Able2Extract resource you can really use,  we’ll be updating the page with related topics that matter to you and the industries you work in.  We’ll offer suggestions on how you can put Able2Extract to better use in your day to day routine.

And ultimately, we want to hear from you–what do you want in a PDF tool and what matters to you?

So if you’re on LinkedIn, drop by, join in and get to know Able2Extract on another level!

Users Weigh In On Able2Extract—Thanks For The Feedback!

User Rating Survey

It’s a common thing to hesitate when before you purchase anything online. We’ve all been there, always looking for that extra vote of confidence and social proof that the product you’re thinking of purchasing will fit in with what you need.

Well, we’ve gotten some amazing support and love from users around the globe and from different industries. At one point or another they too had their doubts. But they gave it a shot, and instead of leaving disappointed, they came back with some amazing feedback which we thought you might be able to relate to.

As a community, hearing feedback from each other is a great way to help each other out.  Here’s a look at some testimonials from users like you. You can find more of these from our Able2Extract testimonials page.

Investintech Testimonial About Us

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Investintech Testimonial OrderNow

Able2Extract Pro Testimonial Convert


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Able2Extract Pro Testimonial Features

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Able2Extract Pro Testimonial OCR

Thank you to everyone who had something positive to say about Able2Extract and about our team in general.  You guys rock!


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Getting Started With Data Visualizations

Data Visualization Definition

Image Source:

Not a day goes by that you don’t deal with data on the Internet. The Internet is full of creative visuals and images that can distract, captivate and occupy you for hours.  However, in some cases, the images aren’t just mere eye-candy.

As conditioned web surfers, we can easily consume a ton of information each day without even knowing it.  It’s easy to overlook visually compelling content like inforgraphics and pie charts as advanced research aides based on complex raw data.

Being developers of PDF converter solutions, we’re no strangers to helping you work with difficult-to-deal-with data on a daily basis. Today, we help you get started with putting that data into a visual, easy to digest form.

Interpreting Data IRL

You may already know that data visualizations can come in all shapes and sizes: vector graphics, flowcharts, venn diagrams, interactive maps, word clouds, and dashboard analytics. Regardless of the form, they’re all aimed at one thing–conveying information effectively.

For example, users with Excel spreadsheets that have over 10,000 rows of values can’t be expected to make sense of all that information in one shot.  So putting those numbers into a visual format makes it easier to condense, interpret, and analyze at a glance.

Because of those capabilities, data visualizations play huge roles in different sectors. A few examples include:

Data Journalism: Data-crunching journalists often need to easy-to-interpret data to gain better insight on the bigger picture of things. Even big data publications that release research to the public do so in user friendly visuals like graphs and tables to online readers.

Finance:  Stock traders who deal with fluctuating data on a day to day basis use data visualizations like  candle charts to keep track of stocks being traded by the minute. These real time visualizations are crucial for analyzing stock trends throughout the day.

Able2Extract Google View Ripples

Social Media: The examples are endless: infographics, Facebook’s Page admin dashboard,  View Ripples by Google+, Twitter Analytics, interactive maps. It’s almost impossible to avoid.

Given the visual and informative nature of the web, you need to get more creative with your data if you want your viewers to retain and use the research you’re sharing.

Creating Your Own Data Visualization

So having a good sense of the practical uses of data visualizations, you may be itching to try your hand at putting one together.   This quick and short collection of tools will give you a good running start:

Piktochart: Creating basic infographs is Piktochart’s main strength. A free account will allow to make a few customizations with already provided themes, fonts and colours.  They also provide a good research resource on their blog of  8 Useful Databases To Dig For Data (And 100 More). For manageable datasets, you can use  that will take your information and let you  customize how you want your uploaded data presented.

Google Spreadsheets & Charts:   Using Google Spreadsheets? No worries. You don’t have to leave the app in order to visualize your Google spreadsheet data into charts. Their support page offers a number of tips on how to optimize your data by chart types you can use to visualize your cell values.

Infographic Creator Online makes creating infographics with your Excel data easy. It has a built-in spreadsheet where you can import and edit your data set on the spot and illustrate it with over 30 different chart types.

Word Cloud Generators: Word cloud generators like Wordle, Tagxedo, Worditout and VocabGrabber are tools that create data visualizations of words. Use these tools to visually analyze the words, vocabulary, or text you’re interested in.

Tableau: Tableau is helping people to see and understand the power of their data. Not only is Tableau the place to create your own data visualizations, it’s also a resource where you can view, comment, and share the ones already created by others. Fast and easy.

Timeline Data Visualization


Timetoast: For those who want to create a unique timelines, there’s Timetoast. It lets you create a timeline from data and elements such as video, images or audio. The timelines are a beautiful way to present any data and share whatever you wish, including for example a history of someone’s life. Simple as that.

Tweaking Your Visualization

As you create your own data visualization, keep in mind a few things.  Ask yourself, how are others going to be interacting with your information? Is it easy for users to read?  While colour scheme and layout is important, simplicity is always more powerful.  You can find more tips from non-profit blogger and expert, Beth Kanter in Making Data Visualizations: A Survival Guide And Other Resources.

So next time you’re looking to give your lesson plan, business presentation, or case study a boost, try  adding a data visualization. It can go a long way to making sure that your audience not only understands your research, but that they also stay interested in it!

5 Ways Investintech Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2014

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New Year’s resolutions are perhaps the hardest promises to keep. It’s not uncommon to give up half way through the year on them whether it’s due to lack of energy, determination or support. For whatever reason, it happens to the best of us.

With that in mind, we thought the first post of the year should be one to get you started on the right track with your 2014 resolution. Though we can’t always be there to give you a small push of encouragement whenever you fall astray, we can offer a few ideas on how you can use our tools to help with some of the most common New Year’s resolutions being made.

Resolution: To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

It’s always proven that the best way to achieve a goal is to track your progress and keep milestones in view.  If you look for tracking sheets online to help you stay on top of your fitness and health goals, you’ll find that most of these are in the PDF format.

fitness tracking sheet

Use Able2Doc or Able2Extract to convert those PDF to Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. After all, in order to track your daily progress, you’ll need to work consistently with those sheets.

Resolution: To Be More Efficient With Your Workload

Being an efficient worker means finding smarter, even faster ways of getting your work done. And one of the first things you’ll try is working on your mobile device to help you get tasks done while you’re away from the desk. If you do, keep in mind that simplicity is key.

For this we have Able2Extract Mobile that can keep your workflow going no matter where you are. Upload your documents right from your phone and tap twice to create or convert PDF files to other formats you can edit in other apps and then instantly share. Simple.

Resolution: To Learn Something New

When it comes to learning something new, it’s always helpful to generate yourself a good reference or master file you can always turn to. You can create such a resource on any topic you’re learning about using Sonic PDF Creator.

Merging PDFs With Sonic

For instance, one resolution I made this year was to actively keep up with learning to play the violin, which includes developing dexterity in my fingers with scales and arpeggios. Fortunately, I found PDF music sheets of them in every key. Once I downloaded them, I used Sonic to merge PDF files into a single file with other violin sheet music and resources.  I then added bookmarks to keep it organized for easy access.

Resolution:  To Be More Environmentally Aware

Going green doesn’t have to be too hard to keep up. Given that cloud drives, scanners and apps are now pretty much the norm, the way you work needs to adapt anyway. This also applies to anything you’re keeping digital—photo albums, tax records, resumes, essays, research. The list goes on.

Able2Extract Professional can help you start keeping things digital.  Once you can scan in your documents, you never have to print them out again. Able2Extract Professional will give you access to the scanned PDF content instantly, allowing you to reuse the information you need within other applications.

Resolution: To Practice Better Security Habits

This resolution can cover a wide range of more specific resolutions like regularly changing up your passwords to tightening up your Facebook privacy settings.  Sonic PDF Creator offers features that can help get you into security mode with your digital assets, starting with your PDF files.

Securing PDFs With Sonic

With Sonic, you can create a password protected file you can customize with permissions and access.  You can also add encryption, watermarks and stamps to brand the content, preventing it from being copied.

Anyone would agree that creating a resolution is one thing, but realistically and methodically keeping it up is another. So instead of focusing on creating a resolution, focus on ways you can keep the resolution itself with everyday tools you already have. All it takes is a bit of creativity.