How To Export A Table From PDF AutoCAD Drawing Into Excel?

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Working with PDF documents is difficult. Just working with the data itself can be time consuming. This is especially true when you need to extract something as precise as a PDF table into Excel. It requires that data to be transferred, cell by cell correctly into a spreadsheet, formatted perfectly and faithfully to the original.

So you can imagine how exporting a table from a PDF drawing to Excel is somewhat more complicated than exporting a table straight from AutoCAD to Excel.

However, this can be easily accomplished with Able2Extract’s “Custom PDF to Excel” conversion feature.

You can download the 7 day free trial and follow the steps below to export your table.

1.Open your PDF drawing with Able2Extract.

2. In the select panel, click on “Area”. Left click and drag to mark the table that you would like to export.

Selecting PDF Drawing Content

3. Once selected, click on “Excel”.

4. You’ll be presented with a Convert to Excel panel. Export simple tables automatically by clicking “Convert”. For now, stick to the Custom conversion and hit “Define”.

PDF Drawing Table Conversion

5. Now you have a complete control over your PDF to Excel conversion. Use the toolbar on the right to add and remove output columns and rows. When satisfied, check the “Show Preview” box to review your results.

6. Click “Convert” and save the file.

PDF To Excel Results

Converting AutoCAD tables to Excel may sound like a complicated procedure at first, but with the right tool, you can easily maneuver around that obstacle and work with any AutoCAD tables you come across.

How To Undo Digital Mistakes In The Workplace

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Mistakes happen. It’s a well-known fact.

Too hasty in sending out that email or text message?  Accidentally close that browser tab?  Made changes to your registry?

The moment it happens, two simple words pop into mind: Uh. Oh.

But what you may not know is that (for most digital mistakes), both big and small, there’s a fix to undo them.

For those heart-in-your-stomach moments, we scrounged up a few tips and their sources to help you CTRL + Z the “uh-oh” moments in your life. Check out solutions for the most basic and advanced screw ups below.

Undo A Sent Email

Did you send an email and then realized that you’ve disclosed information you shouldn’t have? Or  wrote that email in anger?  In either case, one thing is clear—you want that email back. Luckily, it is possible to undo it and get it back.

To undo sent messages in Gmail, you can simply hit the Undo Send button, which you can enable via your Gmail settings. The feature delays the actual sending of the email for up to 30 seconds. So you have a small window to change your mind.

Gmail Undo Send Email

Hotmail users unfortunately don’t have anything developed by Microsoft to undo the action. However, it is possible for users with a Microsoft Exchange Server account.

Thunderbird users have no native feature for this. But the Send Later add-on, will let you send your email later by putting the email in the Outbox and letting it sit there a few moments before being sent out.

Undo A Deleted Email

Or, if instead of accidentally sending an email, you delete  it and need the information it contained later on, you can undo that, as well.

Microsoft allows you to be a little reckless and saves any deleted messages or items within your Deleted folder. In Outlook (web version), you can set it up so that you can recover messages directly. In, go to Options> Advanced privacy settings > Deleted messages.  Turn the Let me recover deleted messages option on.

Outlook Undo Delete Email

The next time it happens you can simply go into the folder or click on the “Recover Deleted Email” option at the bottom of your email.

If you’re using Gmail, you can easily recall deleted emails by searching your Trash folder and moving the message back to you Inbox folder.

Deleted emails in Thunderbird, fortunately, aren’t gone when you hit the delete button. They won’t be deleted unless the Deleted file folder is compacted. Deleted emails are usually copied to the trash folder, after which you can either CTRL + Z or go into the Trash folder itself to retrieve it.

Undo A Closed Tab

If you have more than 5-10 tabs open when performing research, it’s easy to close the wrong tab. A simple tip: you can reopen it by using CTRL + Shift + T or by right clicking and selecting:

  • Reopen closed tab in Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Undo close tab in Firefox
  • Reopen last closed tab in Opera

Undo A Webpage Loading

With links and ads lurking  everywhere on web pages, clicking on a link you didn’t mean to will happen.  And waiting for it to load just so you can close it is such a waste of time. To instantly stop downloading the current page, just hit the ESC button.

Undo File Deletions (And Copying)

Realizing you copied or deleted a file by mistake is perhaps one of the most common accidents there is. But don’t worry. Don’t forget– if you can copy and paste, you can also undo!

To fix an accidental file deletion or a copy, you can simply use the Undo options in File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer) or hit CTRL + Z.

Windows Undo File Deletion

To customize the Ribbon, click on the down arrow  (pictured to the right of the Undo and Redo arrows highlighted above). From there you can get both Undo and Redo commands on the Ribbon for easy  access.

Undo A Windows Update

While it’s a good thing to have your system updated regularly, sometimes those  updates can cause problems you didn’t anticipate.  You can uninstall the Windows update if needed, but you’ll need to know which one it is:

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel> Programs > Programs and Features.
  2. Click on View installed updates
  3. Click on the update you want to remove and click Uninstall.

Undo Windows System Changes

Though you shouldn’t fiddle around with the registry and your system, accidents do happen when cleaning out your computer. But if you do and realize that something went wrong, you can use and create restore points on your computer and back and restore sections of your Windows registry. It’s a bit of a process, but it is doable. Check out the links for full tutorials.

Note: If you upgraded to Windows 10 just recently and change your mind, you have 30 days to roll back your system to Windows 7 and 8.1.

Undo A Text Message

With smartphone texting, there’s always a chance you send your text to the wrong person or accidentally touch the send button. If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll be happy to know there’s a solution for even that.

The most popular one today is TigerText. It’s an HIPPA compliant texting app for healthcare workers, so you can bet that it’s rock solid for controlling text, sharing data, and sending messages with co-workers, team leaders, and friends.

More importantly, it has a Message Recall feature, which can recall your texts before or after being read.  It has both paid and free accounts available for Android and iOS.

Undo Google Doc Revisions

It’s common to work with a team via Google Docs these days. And there will be times when your revisions to a document aren’t approved.

In some cases, the simple undo button will work, but what if you made a ton of revisions? Google Docs allows you to revert to different versions of your document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

In Google Docs,

  1. Go to File> See Revision History or CTRL+ Alt + Shift + G. You’ll see a listing of major revisions that were done
  2. Click on the version you want to restore
  3. Click on Restore this revision

Accessing Googledoc Version History

Next time you make a mistake, take a deep breath. Not all is lost. There may be a solution to undo it and save the day. Did we miss any? Let us know what you do to fix those digital mistakes that make your heart stop.


Get Ready For March Madness With Able2Extract 10


Basketball Slam Dunk

Microsoft Excel can be intimidating. True.  But a big pro is that it can be a life saver when wrestling with numbers and data.

Now, if you’re asking yourself when in the world would you have to deal with numbers and data, we have two words for you: March Madness.

March Madness 2016 is almost here and you can bet that everyone who doesn’t (or does) deal with data will be wading in conference standings and school stats over the next few weeks.

If you’re running a March Madness pool for your office, using MS Excel will be the best way to analyze, track and digest all the information you need to fill out your brackets and keep your pool in order.

Yet that’s only half the battle. The other half is getting that data into Excel. And this is where Able2Extact 10 can help you get everything in order.

Transfer Any March Madness Data To Excel

In Excel, you can streamline and combine any existing data you want to keep as reference or update as the tournament goes on.

Player and team data will usually be available in a downloadable PDF. But what if you have a Word file? A PowerPoint presentation? No worries.

You can get your March Madness data into Excel spreadsheets regardless of the format you have. Just open your file in Able2Extract 10 and select the content you want converted (a page, line or the entire file). Then simply click on the Convert to Excel command on toolbar.

Easily Convert Complex Team Information With A Few Settings

There are a lot of pain points associated with dealing with data when managing a pool—or several, one of them being the many different formats you have to consolidate and analyze. If you have differently formatted tables or statistical charts spanning pages, it can be a nightmare.

Good news is that you can tailor a PDF to Excel conversion according to the table structures in your file. Able2Extract has a few PDF to Excel conversion settings that make the job easier to identify and deal with the source document’s table structure. Select your settings before you make the conversion and you’re good to go.

Able2Extract Excel Conversion Settings

Customize Your Data Extractions Into Excel

You may also need specific data extractions for analyzing detailed statistics. For example, you may want to eliminate the data for lower seeded teams or scrape only the data from top teams in the last year to create your own shortlist.

For this, you can simply perform a Custom PDF to Excel conversion and filter out that information even before you even hit the Convert button. You can move rows, columns and even preview your conversion results to see if you have all the numbers you need in the right place.

Able2Extract Custom Conversion Interface

Convert March Madness Statistics In PDF to CSV

Which team you root for depends just as much on the numbers as it does on a team’s dynamics. But we’re talking about 68 Division I college teams plus stats on individual players, coaches and so on. That’s a lot of data!

It, thus, may be worthwhile to have database tools for March Madness. Or, if you’re tech savvy enough, you may have a tool or script that can crunch the numbers to predict the perfect March Madness bracket.


In either case, you can get your March Madness PDF data into raw .CSV or delimited formats.  Just click on the Convert to CSV command in Able2Extract. It’ll get your data working with the databases and tools you already have in place.

Organize Your Data According To Worksheets

In some instances, you may have PDF data on teams all lumped into one single PDF with each team on one page or separate categories of data on each page.

It’s convenient for distributing and consuming the information, but hardly so if you want to separate that data. For instance, if you end up wanting to analyze each of the Final Four teams separately, you may want to organize and record each team’s information into separate worksheets.

Excel Single Worksheet Option

Now, you can go into your spreadsheet and move all your data around via copy-paste. But an easier way is to uncheck the Single Worksheet option in Able2Extract’s Excel/CSV Conversion Options before you make your conversion.

This will automatically convert each PDF page into a separate worksheet, saving you the hassle of doing it manually.

No matter what type of pool your group decides to set up, knowing your stats is essential. Whether it be analyzing wins, losses and odds or keeping track of results and pool entries, Excel will be your best bet. The key is getting that data set up properly for analysis. Hopefully a few of the tips above helped!

So with March Madness just around the corner, how are you filling out your brackets this year?


How to Export Tables From AutoCAD to Excel Format?

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When working with AutoCAD, you never work completely in isolation. AutoCAD workflows are always about collaboration, review and approval. As such, AutoCAD projects and designs will always be connected and work in conjunction with other formats.

More often than not, the detailed tables of information of a design will need to be either recorded, edited or entered into Excel spreadsheets. That being said, you’ll need to know how to get that table into Excel.

To export a table from AutoCAD and edit it in Microsoft Excel simply select the table, then right click and choose “Export”. The table will be exported in .CSV file format.

Next, right click on the exported .CSV file and from the options menu choose Open with Excel.

Opening CSV In Excel

Once the table has been opened in the Microsoft Excel, save it as an .xlsx file and you can instantly start editing the spreadsheet.


What 5 Oscar Nominated Directors Can Teach You About Being An Entrepreneur

It’s that time of year again and the 2016 Oscars are right around the corner. You can be nothing but inspired by the films and their actors, screenplays, and production teams. This is especially the case with this year’s nominees for best director. Each brought something unique to the table.

These directors had a vision they worked hard to realize and they did it while dealing with a lot of risk.  And in certain ways, these movie directors are similar in nature to entrepreneurs. Given their success, the 5 Academy Award-nominated directors of 2016 can certainly give you a few extra pointers about being an entrepreneur.

Work With Your Strengths And Past Experiences

Known for his big hit comedies, Adam McKay had to find the sweet spot between comedy and drama in bringing the The Big Short to the big screen.  Based on the financial crash of 2008, making the topic with all its financial talk accessible to everyone was essential to the film’s purpose.

You may think that a comedy-based director wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but he did. It was the lynch pin for him. He worked the explanations into a pop-culture frame, getting celebrities to break down financial concepts into analogies that resonated with the average Joe.

In an interview with Film Comment, McKay says, “that was the very first idea I had when I read the book: you’ve got to break the fourth wall in this movie…. I’d seen some movies do it really well, and certainly from my theater background I’d done it a bunch. So I knew it could work—it’s all about how much you do it, the way you do it. But yeah, the very first idea I had was going to those explanations.”

The key takeaway? Know where your experience and strengths fit into your start up. Be brave enough to apply them in different ways.

Whether you’re a knowledge-seeking, problem solver or the manager-type who thinks outside of the box, your perspective and experiences will only help your business thrive. Only you can develop your startup in ways that no one else can.

Feeling Lost Can Be A Positive Part Of The Process

Alejandro González Iñárritu directed The Revenant, which, as you can imagine, was a challenge to shoot. Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions out in the wilderness can’t be easy for any director and film crew to deal with. But, to Iñárritu, the challenge was a personal journey.

Explaining this to, he says of the filming process, “this is not some tourist trip with a GPS, where everything is planned and everything is on time. This is a journey, and my process sometimes in life is to get lost. I personally think that you have to get lost to find something really worthwhile, at least sometimes…. But sometimes the best journey, and the best things you discover, come when you get lost.”

As you build your startup, things won’t always go according to plan. But when you’re in a tailspin, you can find, as Iñárritu did, the inspiration to turn things around.

You need to remember that feeling lost can be a constructive emotion.  It’s a sign to switch gears, adapt, and discover a better path towards your goal.

Don’t Let Setbacks Stop You

George Miller introduced the world to Max Rockatansky back in 1979. That was more than 30 years ago. And it’s been more than 10 since Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released in 1985. A long time for diehard fans.

Why the huge gap? Talking to, Miller spoke about the many setbacks leading up to the latest film. There were a wide range of obstacles: 9/11, a weak Australian dollar, locations falling through and losing Mel Gibson as Mad Max.

When asked if they made him think of abandoning the franchise, Miller says that it never got to that point. They were just a natural part of the film business.  He expands on the thought, saying, “you have a number of things going, and there’s one that sort of drives you. But if it falls away, if it’s good enough, it keeps coming back. So it was just a matter of getting it all sort of lined up and the right things happening.”

No doubt Mad Max: Fury Road kept coming back for Miller. Struggles will happen and things may get side tracked. But it doesn’t mean the end of your dreams.

In fact, it can be a blessing in disguise. A sign to wait for the right time. And what you need during that time is a sixth sense to know that you have an idea that’s worth developing. Pursue it despite the setbacks.

Learn from your Mistakes and your Achievements

Leading up to this point, Tom McCarthy has acted in a number of films (and TV shows) over the years, including The Lovely Bones and Meet The Parents. He has directed 5 movies with his last recent film being, The Cobbler, which wasn’t well-received by audiences and critics.  But, in stark contrast, the actor/director is now nominated this year for Spotlight, a journalist drama based on true events,. talked to him about the differences in success between The Cobbler and Spotlight. And he responded with a reflection on his view on the film-making process:

“You learn with every movie you make, you learn from your mistakes and you learn from your achievements, and I really do have that approach to filmmaking. It was certainly a learning experience, just like making a good movie is a learning experience.”

And likewise, this same perspective holds true for entrepreneurs. You need to treat each step as an experience to learn from. You’re always thrown into new situations, making errors and gaining successes along the way.

But if you can constructively learn from your new insights and experiences, both good and bad, things can only develop and move forward just as they did for McCarthy.

Be Passionate About What You Do

The success of Lenny Abrahamson’s Room has the director in new territory with his first Academy Award nomination. And of course, interviewers are wondering about how he’s reacting to the success and how it affects him.

In an interview with, Abrhamson reflects that “you can get a little caught up in it. Also, what I’ve done, I’ve done because I feel passionate about it. I think that works for me. It’s how you make good work. Your heart has to be deeply in it. If you started to choose projects because you like the awards buzz too much and you were a bit addicted to that, and you choose the next project based on whether it’s going to be awards worthy or not, you’ll make really bad decisions.”

As entrepreneurs, you dream of success. And when it finally comes, it can be easy to let profit and success drive you. But the important part is to remember the “why” and “what” that started it all.

You didn’t work long hours and go through all that stress for an idea you weren’t emotionally invested in. Why start now? Always let your passion drive you. Your success will be all the sweeter for it.

So if you need some inspiration and advice on your road to entrepreneurial success, you don’t have to look far.  Just look to the silver screen.