Giveaway: Fill In 2 Win Able2Extract Professional 12 (Closed)


Able2Extract Giveaway

 UPDATE: The Able2Extract 12 giveaway is now officially closed. Thanks to everyone for participating and making the giveaway a success. We’ll be announcing winners May 4th. Stay tuned for the announcement to find out if you’ve won. Good luck to all!

Would you like to get a professional productivity-boosting software that can help you to get the most out of your PDF files for FREE? Yes? Well, today is your lucky day!

Don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to win a lifetime license for Able2Extract Professional 12 valued at $149.95.


The giveaway of 5 (five) Able2Extract Pro 12 lifetime license PINs will last for 3 weeks, starting from today – April 10th. Entries can be submitted until midnight April 27th, Eastern Standard Time (EST). We’ll announce the end of the giveaway and giveaway winners on all of our social media accounts and by updating this blog post.

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Investintech Facebook Giveaway Shuts Down

Today, due to changes in Facebook’s user policy, our Able2Doc Facebook giveaway has been shut down.

We’re sad to see it go, but we hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted. We appreciate all the comments and feedback you’ve given us in the past. It was great to see everyone participating and spreading the word about it.

As alternatives to the Facebook free giveaway, you can always download the Able2Doc 7-day free trial or use our free online PDF to Word converter.

And since this was a double giveaway with Sonic up for grabs as well, you can download the Sonic PDF Creator 30-day free trial as an alternative to the freebie version.

Lastly, for those who entered in the Sonic portion of the giveaway and haven’t claimed their PIN yet, we’ll still honour those entries as your PINs are still ready and waiting for you.

To receive your free Sonic license, just follow us on Twitter and tweet out to us so we can track you down. We can then send you a Direct Message on Twitter with your Sonic PIN.

Though this giveaway is ending, we’re always looking to set other promotions up.  So keep checking in to our streams for updates on the latest giveaway.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Special Giveaway Offer—Get Able2Doc And Sonic PDF Creator FREE!

If you’re looking for a good PDF converter at a good price, you’re in luck!  It’s been a while since our last Facebook giveaway, and we thought it was high time for another one.

Only this time around we thought we’d plan something special. Because we know that sometimes converting to PDF isn’t enough, we decided to add on another bonus offer–the ability to create PDFs as well!

That’s right. We put our heads together and came up with a joint social network giveaway you’re sure to enjoy.  We’re giving away Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter 7.0 on Facebook and Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 on Twitter!

Able2Doc and Sonic PDF Creator

With this giveaway, you get the best of both worlds. Whether you want to download your Facebook data in PDF or need to take a quick snapshot of a PDF page, these two tools will have you covered. If you’re new to our software tools, here’s a look at what the two PDF software tools can do.

Some great conversion features Able2Doc has to offer:

Viewing PDFs in Able2Doc

  • Pinpoint selective conversion: select and convert only the content you need
  • PDF to MS Word conversion (.DOCX, .RTF,  and Word 2007)
  • Various MS Word outputs available: Text, Frames and Standard
  • Convert to MS Word open source alternative, Open Office Writer (ODT)
  • Several PDF to Word conversion options for complex graphics, tables, and simple text
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

And here’s a quick look at the advanced things you can do with Sonic’s PDF creation  and editing features:

Sonic PDF Creation

  • PDF file editing:  merge and split PDFs;  add or delete pages; edit PDF properties
  • PDF security options: add encryption, watermarks and passwords
  • PDF creation: add headers, footers, bookmarks, attachments
  • Create booklets, handouts and PowerPoint files
  • Batch conversion to PDF

 How to Get Able2Doc and Sonic PDF Creator

Our Facebook giveaways are known for their easy access method. So we decided to link it up with our Twitter giveaway.  When you “Like” our Facebook page now, you also get a quick chance to cash in on Sonic before Able2Doc.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the directions on the Giveaway Tab once you hit the “Like” button because you’ll only get it once. Moreover, you only have 2 minutes to take advantage of the offer.

Here’s the step-by-step process for each. To get Able2Doc,

1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page and head over to the Giveaway Tab

2. Copy the free 5-digit download code and click on the link below it.

Copy Able2Doc Code

3. Paste the code into the field on the Able2Doc product page

4. Click on “Download”

To get Sonic,

1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page

2. Enter your Twitter handle in the timed dialog.

3. Retweet our official giveaway message  (ensure that Facebook popups are enabled and that you are logged in to Twitter)

4. Follow @able2extract on Twitter to receive your Sonic PIN via Direct Message

Twitter Follow Able2Extract

We’ll be verifying your entry to make sure it meets all requirements:  retweet, follow and user handle submission.  

So don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter or you’ll miss out.  Direct Messages can only be sent to Tweeters who are followers.

Unfortunately, because we can’t be online 24/7, we’ll be distributing PINs during business hours Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 9am to 5pm. If you submit your entry on a Saturday, we’ll be getting to you on Monday morning.

And that’s it!

We’ll be holding this giveaway for a limited time. So tweet, share, and spread the word!


Updated: October 11, 2013

Updated: August 15, 2014

Thanks For Sharing! [August Edition]

Summer vacation is over and everyone’s talking  about being back-to-school once again. Before we start in on our own back-to-school content for you ourselves, we first wanted to send out our gratitude to our August supporters.  We have a lot of  people to thank!

As you know, to gear you up for the upcoming academic year, we decided to run a giveaway special on Twitter for Able2Doc. And what a special it was!  We had over 200 entries and winners—a great reception for our very first Investintech promotion on the micro-blogging network.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who caught our special and entered or RT’d our content. We’re especially grateful because on Twitter it only takes one retweet to reach up to 100,000 users. However, that only happens if you find it worth sharing to make that one click.  We’re grateful that you guys took that extra step for us.

We also wanted to send out a special shout out to our friends online who took the time to share our giveaway online.   Thanks to our friends over at PCbasics and Mayur Agarwal from  We’re especially honoured to be mentioned by them as they share only top notch tech content with their networks.

We’d also like to thank Shahzad Saeed from, Bert Padilla of Cebu Tech Blogger, and Veno Mancer over at for sharing the news on their Twitter streams.  These bloggers are at the head of three amazing tech communities. Our appreciation goes out to them for passing the word along.

And thanks to a couple of users, our special also reached a few major tech forums.  Our thanks goes out first to Murphy Land, an admin from the  forum,  Jarek  from ,and, of course, the blog and forum community, too.

We’d also like to mention Sujay Gosh from Insightsintechnology who, on top of sharing it with his Twitter network, took the time out to post the news in his Insightsintechnology forum.  Thanks to him for helping us reach even more users who are passionate and social about tech.

And what would a free giveaway event be without the communities dedicated specifically to finding the latest giveaways?  We’d like to thank Daddyforever , Makeyourlifefree, and for sharing our giveaway with their loyal community.  If you visit their sites in search of a good penny saver, send them our regards!

A big thanks to Zainil Dedhia from, another great supporter who helped us to promote the giveaway.  There’s also Vietnamese tech blog,, that helped us to reach a ton of enthusiastic international tweeters whom we can now welcome as Investintech users.

Also on our roster is Tami from for announcing our event on the VillageGamer Facebook page. And we can’t forget to thank Sushil Kumar from tech news blog for his mention, as well.

As great as the exposure was, the Twitter giveaway wasn’t the only thing bloggers were writing about this month.  For one thing, our friends over at shined a quick spotlight on our Facebook Converter apps in their blog post, Interesting Facebook Apps for Books and Documents. A big thank you to them for introducing their users to our tools!

We’re also indebted to Deepak Gupta, one of our amazing supporters. On top of tweeting about our giveaway, he also wrote about Able2Extract on the Boxer’s Solidworks Blog earlier this month. Check out Convert your PDF into SolidWorks with Able2Extract Professional on his site.  It’s a great tutorial on how to use Able2Extract with SolidWorks to make cool 3D models.

Lastly, thanks to everyone on Facebook who took the time to drop by and respond to our posts.  Your feedback for our first Twitter giveaway and Able2Doc was really appreciated!

It’s been a great month. We’ve welcomed a ton of new Investintech users to the fold and thank you for inviting us into your community, as well.

Got any suggestions for our next Twitter giveaway event? What would you like to see? Sound off in the comments.

Back-to-School Special!– Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter FREE Giveaway

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, then you know that at one point we featured an Able2Doc giveaway. Well, if you missed out on your free copy, here’s your second chance.

We’re having a back-to-school special, where you can get Able2Doc  v.6.0  for free (valued at $49.95) on Twitter!


Able2Doc Giveaway Preview

Now, if you’re new to Able2Doc, here’s a quick look at what it has to offer:

  • Pinpoint selective conversion–select and convert only the content you need
  • Support for converting PDF to fillable MS Word Forms you can edit and fill in
  • Convert to MS Word open source alternative, Open Office Writer (ODT)
  • Ability to convert Microsoft’s XML paper specification (XPS) to Word
  • Several PDF to Word conversion options for complex (graphics, tables, text labels, etc.) and simple (text) content conversion

To enter and get your very own Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter, here’s what you have to do:

1. Follow us on Twitter: @able2extract

2. Retweet the following text (or RT it from our stream):

Start the year off on the right foot & the right tools! RT & Follow to get #Able2Doc PDF Converter FREE!  @able2extract

3. Check your Direct Messages inbox (please allow up to 24-48 hours to receive your license)

And that’s it.

Once you get your license, visit our Able2Doc download page. Download and install the Trial version and once prompted, select to enter your license PIN and paste it into the fields provided.

Be sure to mention @able2extract and include the hashtags in the tweet so we can keep track of your entry.  Don’t forget to Follow us as we’ll be sending your free Able2Doc license via Direct Message, which can only be sent to Tweeters who are followers.

This giveaway is restricted to only 1 entry (retweet & follow) and 1 license per tweeter.  In other words, while we love it when you tweet about us, 5 retweets will still only entitle you to 1 license.  Sorry, guys!

Also, to safeguard against spammers, the Twitter account you tweet from must be legit with some tweeting history, and the full text must be retweeted.

We will be holding this giveaway for ONE WEEK ONLY—so don’t forget to tweet, share, and pass it on!

Happy Tweeting!