Convert, Create & Edit PDF In Virtual Desktop Environments

Work with PDF in virtual desktop environments.

No one would argue that having the right software and utilities allows you to function at a high level. However, the only issue is that sometimes not all the software and utilities you normally use are available in a way that is cost effective, secure, and scalable for multiple users.

You already know that Able2Extract Professional is first widely known for its existing individual desktop installation.

Secondly, there’s also a server version of the software that offers more flexibility for large corporations, and thirdly, there are SDK versions which developer-oriented users can easily implement.

However, if you’re looking for a more convenient way of using Able2Extract Professional that falls in between a desktop installation and multi-user environment, we have a fourth solution for you.

We’re talking about a solution that works with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems, or what you may refer to more commonly as virtual desktop environments (VDE).

If you’re new to adopting the software in such a way, here is a break down on what exactly this is and why it may be the better choice for your company on a multi-user scale.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a centralized management system that is typically used by companies and organizations to streamline software management. Enterprise IT departments will commonly adopt this type of solution to minimize the cost, risks and efforts involved with installing individual software tools on different computers for multi-user teams.

The VDI process usually consists of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine, which lives on a server. You may be familiar with this when you work from home and need access to specific applications and software that are on your desktop at work.

The VDI gives you the ability to access your virtual desktop from anywhere, so you can keep working. The process ultimately centralizes desktops while meeting the software and security needs of the company.

Working With Able2Extract In A Virtual Desktop Environment

Why is this important?

For your IT manager, it means having control and maintaining security over the system and its software by restricting access to programs to just licensed users, instead of a blanket deployment to all users in the company who may not even need the software.

For you, a virtualized desktop means that you can continue to work with the software applications you need on a daily basis. Able2Extract Professional included!

Because we know that managing software is a number one priority for corporations and big organizations, we provide Able2Extract Professional in a format that is compatible with VDI Citrix environments and Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that manages your company’s client and virtual desktops, thin clients, and mobile devices.

able2extract deployed in a virtual desktop environment

Getting set up with this package requires a minimum of 10-15 licenses, so the package is available only for volume orders, which makes it perfect for business teams that work with PDFs on a regular basis. You can even take advantage of our volume discount prices by contacting us or your reseller directly (more on that below).

Benefits Of Working With Able2Extract In Virtual Desktop Environments

We can build custom installation links in .msi format. Your Able2Extract PIN number is embedded in the file, so the software activation is automatic. This means there is no physical installation, manual download or PIN entry necessary. There are no pin numbers to track.

Able2Extract VDI comes in the form of an electronic delivery. We package the details and installer links and send it to you or your IT department who can deploy and distribute the package “silently” to end users. From there, users in the company can start accessing the software virtually.

Don’t worry if you start out with individual license orders, though. Your company can request to migrate to an Able2Extract VDI package down the road.

This type of set up essentially eliminates the traditional installation, and gives your company control over any changes needed, like when adding new users to the package. After a brand new order is processed for those new users and your electronic delivery is updated, your IT admin can just grant permission to the new user. You don’t have to re-install anything.

And to save the best for last, one major perk about this which we mentioned above is that there is a 10% volume discount for VDI packages. Companies looking to start with Able2Extract on a VDI system can do so easily in a cost effective way.

Could your company use more control with your PDF software on a multi-user scale? Join the other major companies and government agencies who are already using Able2Extract Professional in a virtual environment.

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