Top 8 Able2Extract Pro 11 Features For Lawyers

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Do you know how many file formats you can use to view personal documents? The answer — more than 20. Sounds like a lot, but believe us, not all of them are good.

When talking about the best type of format, one format stands out: the Portable Document Format (PDF). It has been around for more than 25 years as a de facto standard among competing formats. However, it isn’t perfect. The trouble with the PDF file format is that it can’t be changed by default.

For some time now, companies have been developing and pushing out comprehensive PDF tools that, in recent years, have quickly gained traction in law offices and courtrooms where technology workflows are just starting to take over.

Lawyers, who regularly receive and work with documents in PDF format, often need to keep up and deal with those files. Having the ability to edit them on the spot or convert them into editable formats is a must-have option in any PDF tool they use.

With years of experience behind it, Able2Extract Professional 11 features a variety of options that can help legal professionals work around the common PDF issues that crop up, from making basic changes to implementing advanced security. Below, we take a look at some of the Able2Extract top features lawyers can use:

1. Convert PDF To Various Formats

As a lawyer, you probably work with a significant number of different documents, including the PDF. You can use Able2Extract Pro 11 to convert those files into Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, etc.

PDF Conversion Options

With the embedded OCR engine, you can convert any type of scanned documents. You may already be scanning physical documents and saving it on your computer as a digital PDF file. If so, then you will more than likely need to work with them. Good news is that you can  convert those scanned in files to either edit text in files such as invoices and lawsuits.  Moreover, you also have the option to convert your PDF to a searchable PDFs, making document reviews more efficient.

2. Convert Multiple PDFs At The Same Time (Batch Conversion)

If you’re working with multiple financial reports and you need to convert them to one large Excel spreadsheet, you can use the Batch conversion function. Simply queue up your list of PDFs and select to convert them to Excel.

This will help you get them into Excel spreadsheets which will then let you collect all your case trial numbers and information into one single file afterwards. The number of documents and the file size you can convert at once is unlimited.

3. PDF Creation — Password Protect Your Files

Besides being a PDF converter, Able2Extract can also create PDF files from any printable format. Legal documents and testimony from just about any file format can easily be converted. Users can decide how files will be created by using features from the PDF creation panel.

With comprehensive document encryption and decryption options, Able2Extract Pro can help you configure passwords and securely share your documents. You can tailor the protection of your PDF to restrict it from being opened, printed, copied or modified by an unauthorized third party person.

4. Redact PDF Document Information

Perhaps the most needed option for any lawyer is the Redaction feature. Redaction is the process of permanently removing any PDF content (numbers, text or images) from your document.

Redacting PDF Data

This is a necessary option for any lawyer with privileged and confidential client information that is not willing to share with others. Lawyers can permanently censor confidential information instantly on the PDF page.

5. Merge PDF Files

You can combine several PDF documents at once to create a new larger file. By inserting new pages and saving your edited PDF, you are able to merge multiple documents together. It’s a useful option if you wish to consolidate PDF litigation case files into one big document. This option is a time saver if you have several financial or bookkeeping reports you wish to combine, as well.   

6. Edit Your PDF Content

Able2Extract PDF Editor can perform basic and complicated page edits right on the spot. You can add and remove PDF text with a few button clicks. Any lawyer can easily modify numbers, details and text within agreements, power of attorney or contracts for review with instantly visible changes.

7. Split Files by Extracting Pages

If you only need to change some pages from your PDF report, no worries. You can now extract one or several pages and save them as another separate PDF file. This is a helpful feature when you want to exclude specific details about your client’s information from lengthy PDF documents, like their name, social security number, address, location,  or any other unnecessary data across pages which you need to extract.

8. Annotate Your PDF Content

Able2Extract Pro offers PDF annotation options that will let you add different types of annotations to your documents and make them more user-friendly. When working in law offices, oftentimes documents will need additional clarification and explanation. Here’s where you can add your comments and notes, highlight sections and underline text for co-ordinating with either paralegal assistants, co-counsel or other authorized parties.

PDF Annotations Panel

An annotation here and there can help multiple lawyers working on the same case with explanations and direction to other reference books.  To make your files even more secure, you can even add watermarks and create stamps to protect your content, creating a stamp of your signature.    

Able2Extract Pro has everything needed to manage  PDF files successfully in the legal sector. With these features, this tool is all-in-one PDF suite is  the only PDF software you will ever need.

Able2Extract Pro is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, so we encourage you to check out the 7-day free trial.