How to Edit a PDF Document

We’ve all been there: you have an important document in PDF that needs some minor touch-ups, but you simply lack the time to rewrite it into your desired file format and then export it back to PDF. Since the PDF is not editable by default, the only time-effective solution to this problem is to resort to a software service that will enable you to edit your PDF directly.

Here is a quick guide on how to edit a PDF, using the latest Able2Extract PDF Converter 11:

  1. Open the PDF in Able2Extract 11.

  2. Click on the EDIT button to go into PDF editing mode. You will see the PDF editing panel on the right toolbar.

  3. Click on the text or a number you would like to edit.

  4. Simply add and delete PDF content, insert pages, textboxes, merge PDFs, delete pages and much more.

How to Edit a Scanned Document

Often times, we come across a scanned PDF document that we need to edit. Scanned PDFs are basically images locked inside a PDF that simply cannot be edited using a regular PDF editing software. The solution to this problem is resorting to a tool with an integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

OCR is a technology that recognizes the characters in an image and translates them into electronic characters which can then be edited.

You can edit a scanned PDF by following the same steps as above, but this time using Able2Extract 11 Professional, which has an integrated OCR and will enable you to quickly edit a scanned PDF in the same fashion.