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XPS Converter Technology By Investintech.com

Just recently, Microsoft’s Windows applications have been integrated with the ability to export into a file format known as an XPS Document. Based on the XML Paper Specification, this new XPS format is a paginated representation of electronic documents. However, because of this representational aspect, it becomes a difficult format for you to edit and manipulate.

Connecting and providing assistance to PDF users, our conversion products are now enhanced with even more powerful conversion technology that bridges this gap between XPS documents and content usability. In addition to converting PDF content into other usable formats, our conversion technology, Accumax CT, can perform XPS conversions as well.

Here’s a sampling of what our XPS converters can do for you:

Able2Extract 7.0:

The Accumax CT data converter is behind the many conversions that are possible with Able2Extract. Being further developed, it now has support for XPS conversion as well. Using Able2Extract 7.0, you can convert XPS formatted documents into other formats: XPS to Word, XPS to Excel, XPS to Powerpoint, and XPS to bitmap formats (.JPEG, .TIFF, .BMP, .GIF, .PNG).

Able2Extract Professional 7.0:

Our unique XPS conversion technology in the Professional version of Able2Extract v.7.0 is supplemented with an OCR subsystem that allows you to convert an “image”, or digitally scanned, XPS document.

These advanced XPS conversion products are a simple, ideal solution for working with XPS documents. They provide you with efficient and precise conversions that give you the quality needed for other formats.