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XPS to Word Conversion

The XPS Document format, developed by Microsoft, is designed to provide users with an alternate format for document workflows and information management. However, the XPS document format is limited. The XPS is a difficult format to edit because it is primarily a locked down presentation page format.

In contrast, Word Documents can be spontaneously created and edited. The format allows you to generate, modify and resave business reports, articles, or research papers easily. Word Documents give you the most editing flexibility for your working needs. So how do you access the data trapped in the XPS format and interact with it in the same free manner? Simply convert it!

Unsure of what conversion applications you need? Searching online for solutions specific to your needs? Fortunately, the latest in our conversion software products, Able2Extract v.7.0, can now support XPS to Word conversion.

Converting XPS To Word Documents Using Able2Extract v.7.0

With Able2Extract v.7.0, XPS to Word conversion is made easy. Just open your XPS Document within our software, select the data you need to convert and click on the Convert to Word icon on the toolbar. You also have the option of converting that XPS data into the RTF format for simpler document renditions.

Need more specific functions and features? No problem! Using Able2Extract v.7.0, you have access to our XPS to Word conversion options that allow you to:

  • Extract XPS content into Word or RTF Documents by highlighting and converting.
  • Use our available selection tools and options to eliminate redundant content. Choose exactly the information you want to convert.
  • Convert XPS to Word easily with the quick conversion Wizard Guide (Quick Start Conversion Tips) that provides step by step conversion tips.
  • Perform quick one-click XPS to Word conversions .
  • Navigate through your XPS document with Zoom, Page view and Page rotation controls.
  • Use our Batch conversion feature to quickly convert large volumes of XPS documents .
  • Convert scanned XPS documents with Able2Extract Professional v.7.0 solution that contains OCR technology.
  • Choose from 3 types of XPS to Word conversion options:

1)Standard—converts and retains both text and graphics of the XPS document while remaining editable.

2)Text Only – converts only the text within XPS documents.

3)Frames—when text and graphics are converted, they are put into text boxes in your Word document for easily manipulation and layout editing.

  • Convert graphics in addition to text.
  • Use the Snapshot tool to easily place sections of data onto Word Clipboard for quick copy and paste extractions.

These are just some of the advanced XPS to Word features available. There are more. Our flagship software, Able2Extract v.7.0, is the XPS conversion solution you’re looking for. It

comes equipped with the XPS conversion functionalities that transfer your locked-in, restricted XPS data into freer, more editable formats. The Word Document format is just one of them!