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XPS to Image

Let’s face it. Nowadays, you can copy and paste images from almost anywhere online and use them for almost any purpose at all. From search engines and e-communities to forwarded emails and online websites, if you need an image, you’ll find it. Thus, it should come as no surprise that you might also find images or content in the XPS format which you want to extract.

If you want to extract the images from your XPS Document, perform XPS to image conversions, need a good conversion program to do the work, and have the XPS Document that you‘re going to convert-- Able2Extract is the tool to use.

Our software is now equipped with the conversion capabilities needed for an XPS to image conversion. Here are just some of the features that can help you reduce the time and effort you could spend on image conversion:

Extract to popular bitmap file formats: Specify from a selection of the image file formats that are supported and your image will be saved as a separate graphical file. XPS to image conversions that are available include:

  • XPS to .BMP
  • XPS to .JPEG
  • XPS to .GIF
  • XPS to .PNG
  • XPS to .TIFF

Select the data you want to convert: Our unique select-to-convert option separates textual content from the images you want to convert. With any XPS to image conversion done in Able2Extract v.7.0, you can specify which pages, sections, content and individual images to convert.

Select the directory in which to save your image file: Convert XPS to image with Able2Extract v.7.0 and specify which folders or directories in which you can save your bitmap files. Easily access the files for other image editing programs on your computer.

Set the image DPI resolution: Able2Extract v.7.0 gives you control over how your images are converted. Our XPS to image converter gives you the capabilities to select the image DPI resolution for sharp quality output.

Colour convert images to black and white: When performing XPS to image conversions, you can also convert those coloured images to black and white. If you don’t have a professional image editing software application, Able2Extract v.7.0 goes that extra step and gives you a bit of professional control over your image content.

With the growing use of XPS Documents, you want to be as versatile as possible in order to make as much use of the content as you can. Well, now one software product, Able2Extract v.7.0, has the XPS conversion technology you need in order to achieve that working versatility. Generating bitmap file formats is now part of our fast and flexible conversion features!