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XPS to PowerPoint

If you’ve ever used the PowerPoint application or format, then you know that, despite the easy-to-create slides and simple-to-add dynamic features, you have a lot of work to do when it comes to putting it all together: the time, the effort, the resources, and the rehearsals. Getting the timing just right and delivering that picture perfect presentation doesn’t always involve a picture perfect progress.

This is especially true if you’ve used other information resources in different formats for your research. Well, now the work has doubled because your research sources could now be in the XPS format.

Is there any way to avoid the extra work? Can the amount of work needed to be done be reduced? The answer: Yes. How?--Able2Extract v.7.0.

The latest update to our flagship product now provides you with XPS to PowerPoint conversion features! The XPS to PowerPoint converter helps you to achieve better results with less work. Fortunately, this applies to whatever you might need out of your PowerPoint presentations.

For Professional Looking Presentations: Although creating a PowerPoint presentation requires creativity, it also needs a professional look that can be taken seriously. The XPS to PowerPoint converter in Able2Extract v.7.0 helps you to achieve just that. It allows you to be selective about the material you use so that you don’t end up with the miscellaneous and redundant content normally included with conversions. So now you can:

  • Select multiple sections of XPS documents.
  • Extract individual images for that tailored look.

For Versatility With Content Extraction: Putting together those presentation slides is just half the battle when you use converted XPS content. The major battle is with converting that content perfectly the first time. Convert XPS to PowerPoint and use the features that give you the versatility to:

  • Copy and paste XPS content directly onto PowerPoint slides for easy manipulation and content assembly.
  • Use the Table Select tool to integrate whole statistical charts and tables.
  • Select whole pages of information or a range of pages.

For Easy Conversion Methods: Easy to use programs are hard to find. How do you familiarize yourself with the many features and options that are available? How do you find the easiest XPS to PowerPoint conversion method? The best products out there will make it easy for you to find. With Able2Extract v.7.0, you can find it all:

  • The Snapshot Tool on the toolbar for quick and precise content selection.
  • One click conversions using the XPS to PowerPoint conversion command option.
  • Our proprietary XPS viewer that allows you to see the content you’re converting.
  • View the output results immediately when the PowerPoint application launches after you PowerPoint conversion.

Making your work easier for you is the goal of our XPS conversion technology, no matter what type of work it is. If it involves converting XPS Documents, our Able2Extract v.7.0 conversion software is the ultimate XPS solution you can find.