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Getting Started With Vista

How To Create An XPS Document

In Windows Vista, your XPS functionalities are already set. You have the XPS Viewer and the XPS Document Writer ready to generate XPS files from any Windows application. To create an XPS Document, simply print a digitally created document by selecting the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer. This is a printing subsystem which is compatible with Windows applications. Basically, the XPS Document Writer is a virtual printer driver that converts your documents into .XPS files, similar to the way in which a PDF printer driver generates PDF documents. You can create an XPS Document ready to be transmitted, printed, and saved.

What You Can Do With An XPS Document

To view an XPS file on the Vista platform, simply double-click on the XPS file you wish to view and it will automatically open inside the native XPS Viewer on your system. Once an XPS Document is opened, you can perform most of the basic functions needed to interact with such a format. When opening an XPS file, you can view the XPS Document knowing that the content is authentic and rendered onscreen as the author intended. The XPS Viewer GUI has simple interactive features that allow you to navigate through pages, zoom in and out, or perform text searches within the XPS file. In addition, you can save a copy of the XPS Document, print it out, and, depending on the security features, perform basic copy and paste extraction methods on the content.

However, as it is an ultimately presentational format, the XPS Document is very limited in terms of what you can do with the content. As a result, XPS conversion software is normally needed in order to extract the data and convert it into other usable and editable formats.