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Able2Extract Product Features

In order to convert the most advanced XPS documents, you need the most advanced conversion software there is. How do you determine which one that is? By the quality, type and number of features it contains.

From usability to high end conversion needs, Able2Extract v.7.0 has the most advanced XPS conversion features you can find. Just take a look.

User Interface Features

Our flagship product has the features that let you work hands on with your XPS documents:

  • Using handy toolbar icons, you can perform quick XPS to Word, XPS to Excel, XPS to PowerPoint, XPS to RTF conversions.
  • Use our text, table and snapshot selection tools for accurate conversion of exactly the data you need.
  • Our menu options also contain settings for selecting portions of XPS content.
  • Convert the whole XPS Document, a range of pages, or only sections of a page.
  • Access and open your XPS files using the quick Open file command on the toolbar.
  • Choose how your page fits within the XPS viewer.
  • Navigate easily through the pages of the XPS Document to be converted.
  • Rotation features are included for portrait or landscape views.
  • View your XPS Documents at different sizes by zooming in and out and at specific magnifications.
  • Select your XPS content using a variety of options: by using the mouse, by selecting all on page, or by selecting a page range.
  • Included is a Copy Image command option allowing you to make a quick XPS extraction into other formats.
  • Access OCR options from the Edit menu in the Professional version of Able2Extract.

These easy-to-use Interface features provide you with the simplicity needed to perform XPS conversions with our advanced XPS converter technology.

Conversion Features

Here is a list of what our XPS converter can do:

  • The Able2Extract XPS Converter has the ability to convert from XPS to Word, XPS to Excel, XPS to Text, XPS to PowerPoint and XPS to Bitmap file formats.
  • Able2Extract v.7.0 comes with XPS to image conversion features. Perform the following XPS to bitmap conversions: XPS to .BMP, XPS to .JPEG, XPS to .TIFF, XPS to .PNG, XPS to .GIF.
  • Converting from XPS to Excel will preserve your layout in spreadsheet format.
  • Our software can also perform custom XPS to Excel conversions. Designate the column and row structure of tables by manually adjusting vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Convert XPS to PowerPoint presentations as well.
  • Select content for converting directly onto PowerPoint slides
  • Both XPS to .DOC and XPS to .RTF formats are available.
  • Several XPS to Word conversion options are available: 
  • "Standard" conversion option: converts XPS to Word while retaining the images in the Word document.
  • "Frames" conversion option: places text into frames within Word and preserves the background images.
  • "Text Only" conversion option: convert text directly onto the MS Word page without background images.  
  • The XPS to .RTF conversion process allows you to convert large documents faster than XPS to Word.
  • With any XPS conversion, you get accurate selection.
  • Able2Extract v.7.0 has the ability to support batch conversion for large volumes of XPS Documents.

These advanced conversion abilities are enhanced by Able2Extract’s top technology features.

Technology Features

In addition to other user features, our software has highly developed technology capabilities that include the following:

  • Our advanced XPS converter that generates individual .XSL, .DOC, .PPT, .RTF, .BMP, .JPEG, .TIFF, .PNG, and .GIF file formats.
  • The XPS converter with custom conversion options for XPS to Excel data extractions.
  • Support for all conversion outputs on most Windows and Office platforms, including - 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
  • Our Able2Extract v.7.0 is a standalone product. It doesn’t require any Microsoft XPS software viewers or XPS generating applications for conversion.
  • Our own proprietary XPS viewer lets you see what content you are converting.
  • The XPS to Excel conversion option supports a variety of different languages, such as English, French, Spanish and German.
  • Our Accumax CT conversion technology is used for all XPS conversions that are processed at a high speed.
  • Preserve the original layout of your XPS Documents in other editable formats.
  • Able2Extractr v.7.0 supports command line conversion.

Whatever features your XPS conversion needs, Able2Extract v.7.0 has them!