PDF to Publisher

Able2Extract lets users convert their PDF documents into the powerful desktop publishing software, Microsoft Publisher. PDF to Publisher is important to users who, created their newsletter or other documentation in Publisher, but only have a PDF copy of it or (b) users who prefer Microsoft Office Publisher as their desktop tool of choice and want their PDFs in this format. Able2Extract is able to convert those PDF documents into .pub files quickly and easily and give the user maximum editability.

Converting your document from PDF to PowerPoint is simple and can be done in easy 3 steps:

  1. Open your PDF: From the Able2Extract toolbar, click the Open icon and browse to select the PDF document that you want to convert.
  2. Select Data: Click select all icon ( ) on the toolbar or use your mouse to select the specific data you want to convert from the PDF.
  3. Click the Publisher Icon on the toolbar and select the type of conversion option that you prefer to convert the PDF to Publisher in.

The PDF to Publisher (.pub) conversion will take a little time (depending upon the size of the PDF to Publisher conversion). However, once complete, the resulting document should be a true representation of the PDF in Publisher where it can be edited and changed with Publisher.

More About Microsoft Office Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher is an entry level desktop publisher that is included as part of Microsoft Office. While Publisher is not as popular as other desktop publishing software on the market, it is regarded as an easy to use entry level product for small business and individuals.