Convert and Export PDF

Finally a software that really DOES convert .PDF files to excel. THANK YOU!

Loraine Lake-Titus

Sales Administration Assistant, Upstate New York

Almost any File Format to Excel

Table structures from a wide range of formats can be transferred directly into Microsoft Excel. Convert tables in MS Word, PowerPoint, XPS and more into Excel spreadsheets. Quickly retrieve data from external business document sources other than the PDF.

PDF To CSV With Configurable Delimiters

Eliminate the need to convert PDF to Excel as an intermediary step in data processing workflows. With Able2Extract Professional, you can directly export PDF to CSV (Comma Separated Values) and TSV (Tab Separated Values) formats. Generate and work instantly with raw text formats for IT professionals and data analysts.

Various Formats to PDF

Convert any digital format that can be printed to the PDF format. With Able2Extract Professional 12’s advanced PDF creation capabilities, you can switch back and forth between data extraction and data preservation. PDF document management is now easier than ever.

PDF to Excel

Able2Extract Professional 12 is known for its PDF to Excel conversion technology. Its Custom PDF to Excel conversion allows you to manually designate the column and row structure of your data. Preview your results first and get perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheets just the way you need them for analysis and calculations.

PDF to Word

With enhanced PDF to Word conversion, Able2Extract Professional 12 makes it easy to turn critical PDF content into complete Word documents you can edit. Select from the available Word output variation: Frames, Standard, and Text, for varying levels of editing.

PDF to PowerPoint

Able2Extract Professional 12 will let you transfer visual content and business presentations in the PDF format into editable PowerPoint slides. Edit and polish off your keynote content in Microsoft PowerPoint to create slides that impress both board members and colleagues alike.

PDF to Publisher

Improve upon content intended for professional print. With Able2Extract Professional 12 you can unlock graphics and archived print material for easy content generation. The PDF to Publisher conversion lets you reclaim, edit and interact with PDF content right within Microsoft Publisher.

PDF to AutoCad - Recover CAD drawings

Professionals in the architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries can also make use of Able2Extract Professional and its PDF to AutoCAD conversion. Convert PDF to DWG and DXF, while retaining vector graphics and text. Gain control over AutoCAD content you can work with freely in other CAD applications.

PDF to Images - Make PDF Images Useable

Able2Extract Professional 12 can accommodate the needs of even the best of graphic designers. Its PDF to Image conversion provides you with PDF to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF. You can apply image specific settings for your conversion such as DPI, image resolution, GIF animation speed, JPEG quality, and more.

PDF to Open Source Formats - Conversion to Open Source Formats

Clients using an Open Source suite instead of Microsoft Office? No problem. With Able2Extract Professional 12’s PDF to Open Office conversion, you can switch over and convert to formats native to Open Office and Libre Office: Writer (ODT), Calc (ODS), and Impress (ODP).

Selective Conversion

Highly accurate

Able2Extract Professional 12 is built with PDF technology that is made to handle your digital content flawlessly. Extract PDF content accurately to over 10 editable formats or faithfully preserve the data you have in the PDF format. Able2Extract Professional 12 can do both!

Convert Image-Only PDFs

You can now work more easily with scanned PDF content. Accurately extract and convert image-only PDF documents into content you can work with and search through. Unlock scanned content and repurpose it as needed; all text and images are rendered faithfully.

Convert poor quality scans

The OCR technology contained in Able2Extract Professional provides top quality conversions for even the poorest document scans. Iron out grainy, broken text into smooth fonts and lettering. You can now re-access legacy data in paper documents for digital analysis.

Convert Images

Save valuable time by using the same conversion application to convert PDF to image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. Able2Extract Professional gives you advanced conversion settings such as DPI and resolution for crisp, quality images that can be used in corporate brochures, logos and letterhead.

Handle Skewed files

Able2Extract Professional 12 delivers faithfully preserved content and layout with each conversion. Its PDF recognition technology and conversion algorithm can straighten out and correct skewed content during the conversion process.

My main line of business is translation and I often need to transfer PDF documents into word and vice versa for many works. I used to do this transfer manually and it took my time especially for intricate tables etc. Plus your OCR recognition also helps a lot.

Mrs. Yesim Kubilay

Translator & Interpreter, MSc. Environmental Engineer, Istanbul-Turkey

Advanced Custom Excel

Improved PDF to Excel Conversion Engine

Get pinpoint Excel conversion. Able2Extract Professional offers advanced settings for converting complicated tabular data. Specify the table structure reference you need to format your Excel spreadsheets and produce accurate business analyses on them every time.

Handle Difficult Table Structures

No matter how complex the PDF to Excel conversion, Able2Extract Professional 12 uses our latest PDF conversion engine to convert the most complicated and difficult tables into Excel spreadsheets.

Named Table Structures

Gain more control when extracting data from PDF tables by creating a Named Table Structure. This new feature lets you deal more efficiently with inconsistent table structures. Deliver accurate conversion results despite variations in PDF tables. The custom PDF to Excel conversion lets nothing get in the way of accuracy.

Make Adjustments Visually

The custom PDF to Excel conversion panel gives you easy access to visually tailoring your Excel conversion. This unique way of handling your data extraction gives you ultimate control over the structure of your tabular data. Provide managers and colleagues with intelligently organized information.

Conversion Preview

With Able2Extract Professional 12, you can preview your PDF to Excel conversion results. Get your business data just the way you need it. The PDF Preview Panel lets you view and adjust your conversion output before you convert your PDF data to Excel.

Template Saving

Boost your productivity by eliminating the time spent on resetting the same conversion parameters for similarly formatted PDFs. Able2Extract Professional 12 lets you save your custom PDF to Excel conversion as a template you can apply to as many conversions as needed. Perfect for monthly invoices and transaction records in PDF.

PDF Editing

PDF File Editing

Able2Extract Professional 12 now comes with the ability to perform essential edits to PDF files. Make document management easier by modifying your file’s metadata or change the viewing preferences of your PDF to suit your readers’ needs. Able2Extract Professional makes sure your PDF turns out perfectly.

Add Bates Numbering

Instantly add bates numbering to your PDF documents and pages. Able2Extract Professional 12 will allow you to manually select from a wide range of formatting--numbering sequences, prefixes and suffixes, date-time stamps and more. Index your PDF pages and documents efficiently and hassle-free.

Insert Blank PDF Pages

Insert blank pages into your PDF. Whether it be for disclaimers, last minute report changes or company branding, you can tailor your existing PDF content more easily than ever. Add text, bitmap images, shapes, form fields and more to customize the page as needed.

Improved PDF Text Editing

Edit PDF text directly within the viewing window itself. You can modify lines and now blocks of text seamlessly by customizing the text’s font, colour and size. Able2Extract Professional will match the look and formatting of paragraph text accurately for a polished look.

Annotate PDF Documents

When researching or reviewing PDF content, you will sometimes need to add your thoughts or revisions directly to the page. This is where annotating the PDF page can help record your comments and keep them appended to the right section. Able2Extract Professional 12 contains a full range of annotation features you can directly insert on the PDF page: Text (Sticky note), Link, Free Text, Highlight, Underline, Squiggly (jagged underline), Strikeout, Stamp, Caret, Pop-up, File attachment, Watermark.

Enhanced Watermark

The watermark annotation has been improved. Positioning your watermark can be done more precisely through new line spacing and horizontal alignment options. You can then save a template of your watermark to use across multiple PDF documents. Perfect for keeping your branding and document security consistent, no matter what the content.

PDF Redaction

Able2Extract Professional 12 contains a new Redaction feature that further tailor the security of your data down to the textual content. Permanently remove any sensitive information from the page being viewed in shared PDF files, whether it be a phone number, location or account number. Redact information easily from PDF pages, hassle-free.

Add PDF Content (Images and Shapes)

Create richer, more personalized PDF content. You can insert images and vector shapes directly onto the PDF page for customized content. Add bitmap images (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF) from your computer or select from a list of 9 vector images. Either way your PDF pages can be visually modified with a few clicks.

Improved PDF Content Editor

Able2Extract Professional 12 comes with an improved PDF content editor that gives you refined control with editing. Not only can you edit text, but you can also rotate content objects, change the color of vector shapes, and set page content object drawing properties. Able2Extract Professional 12 provides you with everything needed to edit your content.

Cross Platform


Get Able2Extract Professional 12 on a variety of versions for Windows such as Windows 8, 7, and Vista. It is also backwards compatible with older Windows systems going all the way back to Windows 98. Users can find and install it directly from the Windows store.

Mac OS

Mac users can easily convert PDF documents to Office formats native to MS Office for Mac or create PDF documents that can be universally shared and utilized among different industries and across different platforms.


Open source users can take advantage of PDF conversion and PDF creation in one single software using a GUI. Able2Extract Professional 12 allows users on open source systems like Ubuntu and Redhat to take advantage of quality features provided by proprietary software.

Simple to Use Features

Open, Select, Convert

Open your PDF from the command toolbar. Select the content to be converted. Then choose the conversion output for your data: MS Office, Open Source, AutoCAD, CSV and more! The entire conversion process is done within a few clicks.

Exclusive Pinpoint Conversion

Customize conversions by selecting a page, a paragraph, or even a single line for conversion. The custom PDF to Excel conversion even gives you precise control to manually set up the table structure yourself.

Fill in PDF Forms

The new PDF forms filler in Able2Extract Professional 12 now lets you interact with fillable PDF forms. Fill in PDF forms directly by clicking onto the fields and edit your information. This new feature will let you specify options through radio buttons and checkboxes or select items from combo boxes and list boxes. You can then save your forms for later or submit them with a push of a button.

Create and Edit PDF Forms

Need to edit and create fillable PDF forms? Able2Extract Professional 12 has you covered with its powerful new PDF form editor. Select multiple items within list boxes and combo boxes, add checkboxes and radio buttons, insert push buttons, resize fields, and even change the font color. Repurpose PDF forms or create one from the start. You can capture data easily and instantly. Users at any level can create and edit PDF forms on their own-- all they need.

Create PDF Files

Create PDF documents in more than one way. Open your file in Able2Extract Professional 12 or use the virtual print driver. In either case, AbleExtract Professional 12 will perform the conversion with the same advanced technology and produce the same quality conversion results.

Advanced PDF Creation Options

Add key features to your PDF document. Able2Extract Professional 12 offers a wide range of advanced PDF creation options for every PDF file you generate. Add file information, security parameters, compression algorithms and more.

Merging And Splitting PDF

Merge and split PDFs instantly. Able2Extract Professional now allows you to insert pages from other PDFs or extract PDF pages into brand new files. Assemble and tailor your business PDFs without even leaving Able2Extract Professional.

PDF Page Resizing

Specify paper sizing options for content intended for different types of businesses. Choose from ANSI, ISO and Arch standard paper sizes. Transmit your documents properly and professionally, no matter what the industry.

PDF Security

Secure highly sensitive content. Ensure that your content stays confidential with Able2Extract Professional 12’s security options. Give your file password protection and file permissions. Our software ensures that you retain full control over sensitive client information even when you’re not around.

Enhanced PDF Decryption and Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt existing PDF documents with ease. Professionals needing to add a note or make minor revisions on locked PDFs for third parties can now do so. Able2Extract Professional 12 allows you to open a PDF document, annotate, redact or edit information in it, and then decrypt the file, making the content accessible to other parties - all within the interface.

Improved Batch conversion

Increase your company's productivity by letting Able2Extract Professional 12 do the hard work for you! Speed up the process by queuing up a large volume of PDF files and even whole directories. You can specify the output folder or designate it as the source folder. Then simply click to batch convert PDF to a wide range of formats from MS Office to AutoCAD. Able2Extract Professional lets you automate the conversion process and extract PDF data instantly.

Configure Copy to Clipboard

If you need only a section of text, Able2Extract Professional 12 now allows you to copy and paste text according to your needs. You can format your copied text for TXT, CSV or RTF formats with a single setting. Able2Extract can cater to all your data extraction needs - even the most simplest ones.

Virtual Print Driver and Print Dispatcher

Create standards compliant PDF files without even opening Able2Extract Professional 12. The virtual print driver allows you to use the Print command from any application to create professional PDF documents. The print dispatcher gives you access to PDF creation options right from the taskbar. Cut down on time spent switching between applications and increase your productivity.