Save Time

With the many PDF creation and conversion features included in Able2Extract Professional 12, you can save time and spend it on different aspects of your work instead. There’s no need to worry about the data transfer. As part of a complete business intelligence solution, Able2Extract Professional takes care of the data extraction for you. All you have to worry about is analyzing the data.

Increase productivity

Able2Extract Professional 12 comes with a new set of features that make handling PDF files easy and done within seconds. You get faster ways to convert, edit and create PDFs. With the conversion technology that has successfully converted 1000 page PDF files, Able2Extract Professional effectively cuts down the resources and effort you spend on document processing.

Eliminate Costly Errors

Manual data entry is never reliable, especially when that business data is important enough to put your company at risk if done incorrectly. This is why Able2Extract Professional 12 aims to ensure that your scanned PDF data is converted accurately at every turn. Integrate legacy data found in paper documents into your everyday digital workflow. Get accurate complete business records by taking the guesswork - and errors, out of your conversions.

A Track Record of Success

For 10 years, Investintech’s PDF conversion technology has been used by notable companies from all over the world, including companies in the Fortune 100. With millions of conversions processed since its beginning, Able2Extract Professional 12 has a team which has gained years of technical expertise and collective knowledge behind it.

Technology you can trust

Able2Extract Professional’s PDF technology is built in-house by Investintech developers, which means that we know our code. This allows us to improve Able2Extract Professional with your feedback and suggestions. Thus, you know that you are getting a PDF solution with years of development and dedication behind it.

Top Notch Support

We have a full technical support process in place to give you the help you need. From our software advantage plan to our extensive knowledge base, we aim to provide you with instant priority support that gets you the answers you are looking for. You can also get in touch with us by phone, by email, and through social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.).