Conversion 1-2-3

Simply "Open, Select, Convert" your way to outstanding results:


Save valuable time by not having to hunt between different applications and by being able to make pinpoint data conversions!

Able2Extract differs from other PDF conversion products because we include a PDF viewer. This saves you, the user, time. Instead of toggling between two programs, Able2Extract simply loads the PDF file into its viewer so you can see your PDF document. Able2Extract's PDF viewer also allows you to specify the exact amount of PDF data you want to convert. It can be as little as one table on one page. PDF converters without a PDF viewer are limited to only converting a page at a time. This results in the converted data needing to be cleaned up post conversion. With Able2Extract, you don't face this problem!

This can be a lifesaver when you only want to do such things as convert one table from PDF to Excel or convert a paragraph of text from PDF to Word.


Selection is Simple, Precise and, Best of all, Accurate

Investintech's PDF conversion solutions possess unique selection
options that make it even easier to select the PDF data you want
to export into another format, such as Word or Excel. The Table Selection format lets the user select row by row and select all of the columns of data on a page at once. This is a good option when a user would like to capture a whole table. The Column-by-Column Selection allows the user to select row-by-row and column-by-column. This option provides maximum control for the user and results in the user being able to select as little or as much data as they would like. Thus, when converting a table from PDF to Excel, the user can select on the columns of data they want, should they not want to select the whole table.


More PDF Conversion Options and Better Output

Able2Extract has been dubbed by many as the ultimate conversion utility because it offers more advanced PDF conversion output quality and more total conversion options than other products on the market.

Top Notch Conversion Quality - Investintech employs a proprietary conversion algorithm to convert data between different formats. The algorithm's overarching goal is to preserve the quality and integrity of the data no matter the destination format and source format. PDF to Excel - Perform Analysis with Excel

Able2Extract delivers top quality PDF to Excel conversion output. Converting PDF to Excel with Able2Extract results in PDF data that is in a table format being converted into formatted Excel spreadsheets. The result of the PDF to Excel conversion is workable data in Excel that can be analyzed using Excel\'s powerful analysis spreadsheet functions. Thus, tabular data, including numerical, that was previously inaccessible for analysis in the PDF format can be transported into formatted Excel spreadsheets where it can analyzed using Excel's powerful spreadsheet tools.

Instant PDF Creation

As an all-in-one a PDF solution, Able2Extract is also a powerful PDF creator. It comes with the ability to create PDFs that are compatible with other PDF programs. With the PDF creation functionality, you gain a variety of options for creating PDF documents along with security options to protect your content. As a result, your text, graphics, and layout are faithfully captured, and you retain control over how your PDF data is handled.

Able2Extract comes equipped with interface components that allow you to work directly with the PDF creation process. Quickly access PDF creation options with the Print Dispatcher and control the process right from your desktop without having to open Able2Extract. You can even create PDF files in whichever way is convenient for you:

PDF Creation With The Able2Extract Interface

Create PDF files using the Able2Extract Graphical User Interface

Creating a PDF document in Able2Extract is as simple as converting a PDF. Simply click on the Create icon from the command toolbar. Browse for and select your file and Able2Extract will open it in the viewing window. Then simply apply your PDF creation options and use the Save or Save As option to complete the process. Save valuable time by eliminating the need to switch applications.

PDF Creation With The Virtual Print Driver

The Able2Extract virtual print driver integrates instant PDF creation with your everyday applications

By using the Able2Extract virtual print driver, you can generate PDFs from any application that has a Print command. When your document and content is ready, simply select to Print the document and, in the Print dialog, choose the Able2Extract print driver as the printer name. You can then continue to print the file to PDF by clicking on OK. With Able2Extract, you can use any program you are currently working in to access PDF creation capabilities.

PDF to Word

The PDF to Word conversion option within Able2Extract lets you make changes and edits to your PDF documents in the familiar MS Word format. Graphics, text flow and layout of the PDF is preserved.

Edit PDF Text in Word

Text that was formerly impossible to edit in the PDF format, is now accessible within Microsoft Word.

Preserve Formatting and Layout

The formatting and the layout of the PDF is retained when converted from PDF into the Word format.

Retain Graphics

Graphics from the PDF are transported into Word.
Preserve vector style graphics as editable objects within Word.

Interact with Fillable PDF Forms

Open, View and Fill Out PDF Forms

Using Able2Extract's PDF form filler, you can view and fill in the form right on your computer, which means increasing your efficiency in the workplace or at home. Interact with your PDF in Able2Extract’s user interface to insert text, select listed items, and indicate options. You can save your filled-in PDF form data for your records and, if possible, securely submit your form data directly to the server--all from right within Able2Extract.

Create And Edit PDF Forms in Albe2Extract

Create PDF forms directly within Able2Extract. Generate fillable PDF forms from scratch or edit PDF forms you already have. The PDF Editor lets you insert form fields, including radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes, text fields and more. Perfect for businesses looking to collect survey data or client information.

PDF to AutoCad (DWG & DXF)

Edit Vector Images in AutoCad

Revise graphics elements from a converted DWG and DXF in AutoCad.

Edit Text in AutoCad

Revise textual elements from converted DWG and DXF in AutoCad.

5 Layers Used in Conversion

Conversion layers are used to provide an opportunity to view and edit a group of items separately.

Convert Scanned PDFs to Vector Drawings

Use Able2Extract’s Raster-to-Vector engine (R2V) engine via the OCR options and transfer raster to vector when converting scanned PDF to AutoCAD conversion.

PDF to PowerPoint (PPT)

Need to get that PDF information into PowerPoint for your next presentation. Well, our PDF to PowerPoint conversion will do the trick. Graphics and text from the PDF come through in PowerPoint.

PDF to Publisher

Reclaim your Microsoft Publisher (.pub) files from hard to edit and use PDF with our PDF to Publisher conversion. It preserves the look and feel of the PDF but lets you make edits in Publisher.


For those users wanting to take their PDFs and create HTML documents for placement on the Internet, Able2Extract\'s PDF to HTML conversion will do the trick. The output HTML retains the graphics of the PDF as well as the text.

PDF to Image Formats

Able2Extract gives users the ability to select images in PDFs or whole pages and then convert that data into the most widely used image formats, including TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

PDF to Text

Able2Extract lets users take the text from their PDF and convert it into a text document quickly and easily with one touch of a buttom. This is great for users needing their textual data in .txt document.


Able2Extract offers you the ability to work with databases more easily. You can convert your PDF to CSV or configure your conversion to other delimited formats. Specify and set your delimiters up as a default and your can work directly with database formats you use on a daily basis.

XPS Conversion

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification. It is Microsoft's new electronic paper format that is designed to compete with the PDF. Able2Extract now has XPS conversion capabilities, which allows users to convert XPS documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

HTML to Excel*

Many users have a need to transport tabular data found on the Internet in HTML format into formatted Excel spreadsheets for analysis. The Able2Extract's HTML to Excel conversion option provides such a solution for these users. Simply save the HTML file you would like to convert, open it in Able2Extract and then convert it into a formatted Excel file for analysis.

Text to Excel

Financial statements for companies are frequently posted in Text format. The Text to Excel feature within Able2Extract lets users take the data from these text based financials and place them in formatted Excel spreadsheets. The Text to Excel feature is not limited to financial statements, that is but one example. Any text can be converted to Excel using Able2Extract's Text to Excel feature.

Any Printable Format to Excel

Go beyond PDF to Excel and skip the PDF conversion altogether! You can now convert any printable format directly into Excel. Able2Extract gives you the ability to convert tables found in non-PDF formats such as PowerPoint, Word and OpenOffice into an Excel spreadsheet, saving you the time and effort of dealing with tabular data.

*HTML to Excel, Word and Text conversion option is available in versions prior to Able2Extract 8. If you need this functionality, please contact us.