Converting MS Word to PDF

Converting MS Word (.doc) to PDF with Sonic PDF Creator

What is MS Word (Word)?

Developed by (and proprietary to) the Microsoft Corporation, MS Word is a popular word processor program that allows users to create and edit documents in the .doc file format.

Microsoft Word for Windows is an advanced word processing program since it stores text with special instructions for how it should look (font size, style etc.). The three letter file name extension is DOC, presumably short for document.

Programs that Make Use of MS Word (.doc)

MS Word is quite possibly the most popular word processing program in the World. MS Word is proprietary format to Microsoft Word and is generally available in editions of MS Office.

Converting Word (DOC) to PDF

Sonic PDF Creator 3 is able to convert applicable Word (DOC) to PDF quickly and efficiently using its PDF Writer capabilities. Users can convert Word (DOC) to PDF with the Sonic PDF Creator in one of two ways: through the use of the Print Driver and through the use of Sonic PDF Creator’s user interface.

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