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Get quick and accurate transfers of native PDFs into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets and editable MS Word documents for editing, analysis and general reversioning. Conversion from PDF to PowerPoint (.ppt), AutoCAD (.dwg), Publisher (.pub), and more is also included.

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Why it Works – The Professional's PDF Choice


Extensive Conversion Options

Preserve PDF content when converting PDFs into a larger variety of formats than any other PDF tool on the market. Investintech’s PDF technology is powerful enough to handle any number of PDF conversions into numerous formats, ranging from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, to Publisher, AutoCAD and various image formats. By keeping images and colors unchanged and formatting and fonts preserved, Able2Extract performs accurate conversions every time.


Accurate Conversion

Get precise results by focusing on the content you need. Able2Extract allows users to specifically select the content that needs to be converted. By keeping images and colors unchanged and formatting and fonts preserved, Able2Extract performs accurate conversions every time. Focus your conversions for the best results with Able2Extract – a tool that is advanced enough to let you extract a page, a section or only a few lines from your PDF document.


Advanced PDF Recognition

Customize conversions with Able2Extract’s advanced technology. It comes equipped with advanced one-of-a-kind features that provide granular control over the conversion output. No matter what format you are converting your PDFs to, each conversion output is accurately formatted and tailored according to personal needs and preferences.

What’s New In Version 9?

PDF Creation: Create professional PDF documents just as easily as you convert them.

Since its creation, Able2Extract has been noted for its PDF to Excel conversion capabilities. Now it contains PDF creation capabilities, as well! The powerful PDF creation options ensure that you can custom tailor your PDF documents as needed.

PDF Editing: Customize your PDF document information right within Able2Extract!

Increase your productivity and eliminate costly errors and the generation of non-searchable PDF files because of poorly documented file information. Modify PDF metadata without having to resort to other applications. Correct the author, title, keywords and subject lines before you even create the PDF file!

Advanced User Interface Components: Retain control over the PDF creation process.

Along with Able2Extract’s new PDF creation capabilities, we included more user interface components for better control over the PDF creation process. Check in on your PDF’s progress to get an over view of your file or specify your PDF document’s behavior once the creation process is done. Either way, you can interact with your newly created PDF just the way you need.

Awesome Benefits

Customer Support

Customer Support

Get in touch with us in any way you want: email, phone or through social media. Our dedicated support team will be there to help you keep Able2Extract working smoothly.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Able2Extract is the only PDF tool designed to not only converting PDF documents accurately, but quickly as well. It simplifies the electronic document process by ensuring that PDF data is converted to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint files seamlessly, letting you focus your attention instead on editing, creating, and sharing that content.

Less Cost

Cut Costs

Our software retails at less than half the cost of Adobe Acrobat, making it one of the most affordable PDF solutions available without sacrificing any of the quality.

Less Cost

Join the Community

With over a decade of experience in the PDF industry, Investintech has gained over 200,000 loyal users who are part of the Investintech community. Why not join us? Each licensed member has access to a well-stocked database of resources, support and information on PDF document management.

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