Converting Text to PDF

Sonic PDF Creator Delivers Many Important Security Features Users Require.

For many, creating PDFs is advantageous because it is a secure format. That is to say, PDF is a file format that is difficult to edit, alter or extract text and images from. However, what many who create PDFs do not know is, is that simply creating a PDF document does not in itself make the document secure. To truly make a PDF secure, thereby preventing such things as editing, text and image extraction, the user must specially encrypt the PDF at creation. Most PDF creators have this functionality; however a manual is often needed to figure how to do it.

Sonic PDF clears up the PDF creation confusion through an easy to use toolbar option in its user interface that lets users have the option of either creating a “Standard PDF” or a “Secure PDF”. If the user selects the “Secure PDF”, the user will be taken through an easy to use PDF Wizard and will have great comfort in knowing that the PDF, when created, will be encrypted. The user will also have control over determining the extent of the security by specifying some or all of the following limitations on the PDF file:

So, if you want a PDF creator that is simple to use and gives you comfort that the PDFs you create are secure, then Sonic PDF 1.0 is the solution for you.

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