Converting HTML to PDF

Converting HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to PDF with Sonic PDF Creator 3

What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language that is most commonly associated with the Internet. HTML is a platform independent language and is therefore appropriate for representing information from a wide range of domains. It is most commonly used to write and display documents on the World Wide Web.

Programs that Make Use of HTML

Being that HTML is platform independent, a wide range of programs can be used to create HTML. One well-known HTML generator is MS Frontpage. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape are able to show HTML code.

Converting HTML to PDF

Sonic PDF Creator 3 is able to convert applicable HTML to PDF quickly and efficiently using its PDF Writer capabilities. Users can convert HTML to PDF with the Sonic PDF Creator in one of two ways: through the use of the Print Driver or through its own unique User Interface.

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