Converting MS Excel to PDF

Take MS Excel Spreadsheets and Convert Them into PDF for Easy Sharing with Colleagues

What is MS Excel?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Excel is an important analysis tool business professionals since it creates spreadsheets, graphs, and performs a variety of other functions, including sorting. MS Excel is quite possibly the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world right now.

Programs Using MS Excel Files

MS Excel is a software program that was developed by and is proprietary to Microsoft. It is relied on by financial professionals and it seems, just about anyone interested in performing numerical analysis.

Converting MS Excel Files to PDF

Sonic PDF Creator lets users easily create PDFs right from within MS Excel. The Sonic PDF Creator is a very useful tool for MS Excel users since a “Create PDF” button can be placed right on the MS Excel toolbar. Users of MS Excel can also create their PDFs from within the print dialogue in MS Excel and through Sonic PDF’s unique user interface.

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