Convert and Export PDF

PDF to Word

Able2Doc is designed specifically for PDF to Word conversion needs users may have. Pull the raw text into a Word document for editing or repurposing. Retain both the formatting and fonts of the PDF document in either .doc, .docx, or .odt (Open Office Writer) formats. Users can even convert native PDF forms into MS Word forms they can digitally fill in. Able2Doc can do it all.

PDF to Images - Make PDF Images Useable

Get PDF images into standard image formats like BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and JPEG. Able2Doc offers graphics control options throughout the conversion process so images can be easily reused and readily imported into other applications.

PDF to Open Source Formats - Conversion to Open Source Formats

Able2Doc can support conversion to the open source alternative of MS Word, Open Office Writer (.ODT format). Convert PDF to .ODT with the same easy 3-step process used in PDF to Word conversions--just open, select, and convert.

Selective Conversion

Accurate PinPoint Conversion

Not only does Able2Doc ensure fast conversions, it also ensures accurate conversions. Able2Doc’s advanced selection options lets users convert either the whole document, a few pages, a single page or portions of text.

Flexible selection options

Exercise pinpoint selection ability in your conversions. Users have the option of using either the mouse to highlight and select PDF content for conversion or clicking on the Selection tools directly from the user interface.

Convert Text, Tables, Images

Able2Doc has the ability to convert more than text and tables. It can also convert individual images, as well. This feature is new to Able2Doc and has been added by popular demand. Users can select individual text, tables and images and transfer them easily into MS Word.

Quick Copy Paste Portions to Clipboard

Quick data extraction has never been easier. As a PDF to Word converter, Able2Doc lets you handle even the quickest of conversions by letting you select and copy PDF text directly onto the clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Cross Platform


As always, Able2Doc is available on the latest Windows Operating System, and is compatible with Windows 8. Other compatible Windows versions for Able2Doc include Windows 7, Vista, XP, and all other major releases since Windows 98.

Mac OS

For the first time, this latest version of Able2Doc is Mac compatible. Users can get all of the same Able2Doc features that are available in the Windows version on the Mac system. The result is that users get the added benefit of being able to convert PDF to Office formats that are available on Mac.


As the first, truly cross platform desktop PDF converter, Able2Doc is now made compatible with the Linux platform and is available on the popular Ubuntu and Redhat distributions. Enjoy an open source operating system with Able2Doc’s advanced PDF to word conversion technology. Users can now take advantage of converting PDF to Open Source formats for editing in suites like Open Office and Libre Office.

Simple to Use Features


Open PDF files instantly in our Able2Doc proprietary viewer.


Select which PDF data you want converted to Word or Open Office formats.


Convert PDF to Word with a single click and preserve the entire original layout of your PDF.

Batch conversion:

As a way to save you even more time, Able2Doc can handle mass conversions of PDF to Word, RTF, TXT and Open Office formats. Automate the process and Able2Doc can convert any PDF queue set up through the batch conversion interface. Select your PDFs, your output formats, and click to convert.

Proprietary PDF Viewing:

Get PDF conversion and PDF viewing capabilities in one single tool. Able2Doc is equipped with our own PDF viewing technology that lets you view PDFs as you would with Adobe Reader. By being able to see what is selected, users get the added benefit of full conversion control over how and what they convert.

Exclusive Pinpoint Conversion:

Able2Doc had advanced selection features that let you choose the content you want converted to MS Word or Open Office--pages, paragraphs, or single lines, it is your choice.