Fast, Accurate PDF to Word Conversions

Able2Extract 9 performs fast and accurate conversions to MS Word with columns, tables, headers, footers, graphics and layout reproduced just as they were in the original document. Maximum editability is ensured!

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Why it Works – The Professional's PDF Choice


Convert & Export

The most full featured PDF to Word converter on the market. Able2Extract offers accurate conversions from PDF to Word and PDF to RTF. It is also advanced enough to convert PDF content with varying degrees of editability in MS Word: Standard, Frames, and Text. In each case, Able2Extract ensures layout, text, tables, columns, and graphics are reproduced faithfully.


Accurate PinPoint Conversion

Able2Extract is all about PDF to Word efficiency and selectively. Alongside its custom conversion options, Able2Extract provides added customization by letting users perform conversions that are made to order. Users can select the MS Word content to be converted, whether it is a page, an entire file, or just a single paragraph.


Advanced PDF Recognition

Based on Investintech’s proprietary PDF to Word conversion technology, Able2Extract gives users high quality conversion results with its advanced PDF recognition technology. Its unique set of features gives users detailed control over electronic conversions that can be customized and tailored into MS Word formatting as needed.