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Our Able2Extract version 6.0 and Able2Extract Professional software gives users the ability to perform their PDF to XLS conversions instantly, right into formatted Excel spreadsheets.

PDF documents can be converted to Excel with a click of a button, using Investintech's proprietary PDF to XLS conversion algorithm; From there, users can choose the "Save" option in the Excel menu and save the document as an XLS (Excel) file.

A free trial is available for download so that users can try the PDF to XLS conversion themselves. Look below to see some real examples of how you can convert PDF to XLS.

Enterprise PDF to XLS Solutions - A Client Specific Example

A large institutional client employed Able2Extract's PDF to XLS conversion technology to manually convert hundreds of PDF to XLS conversions. The converted XLS files were then sent to their customers.

They asked for a customized solution since, as their volume of PDF to XLS conversions grew to thousands of PDF to XLS conversions, it became too tedious to do these PDF to XLS conversions one-by-one with Able2Extract.

They then contracted us about automating the PDF to XLS conversion process.  They needed a system that could convert thousands of PDF to equivalent XLS files without any human intervention except starting of the PDF to XLS conversion process. 

Thus, our customized solutions are able to offer PDF to XLS conversion that can be integrated with right into your business process system. Please contact us if you wish to get more details about our PDF to XLS conversion ability or how we can customize batch PDF to XLS conversion capabilities if you want to convert PDF to XLS in bunches without a graphical user interface.

If you want to convert PDF to XLS using an application or solution developed for your organization, please contact Please mention "I want to Convert PDF to XLS" in subject of the email.

Example PDF to XLS conversion

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*HTML to Excel, Word and Text conversion option is available in versions prior to Able2Extract 8. If you need this functionality, please contact us.