Scanned and Image PDF Text Conversion

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and More!

Not all PDF documents are created equally. Some PDFs are created by software, some are created by scanners. Fortunately, with Able2Extract Professional, it doesn't matter what kind of PDFs you have. Our OCR powered PDF conversion software allows users to convert both native and scanned (image) PDF documents into editable Microsoft Office formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a lot more. Formatting and layout is retained so you can edit text on formerly uneditable documents. Although primarily a PDF converter, Able2Extract Professional can also create PDF documents and instantly preserve your digital content in the secure PDF format. Try it out free and let us know what you think!



Key OCR PDF Conversion Features

Unlock Text frozen in scanned and image PDFs
Use OCR to convert PDF text to formatted editable Word
Take tables from Image PDF and convert it into formatted Excel spreadsheets
Different conversion options for maximum control

Additional Conversion Options and Features

Convert PDF to popular Microsoft Office formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and More
Create and save templates for repeat conversions
Highly customizable conversions, batch conversion features
More conversion types than you can shake a stick at: XPS to Word, Excel and more, PDF to Open Office Formats, PDF to AutoCad

Secure & Professional PDF Creation

Create PDF files from digital documents that can be printed, including scanned images
Easy PDF creation through the virtual print driver or the Able2Extact user interface
Preserve text, graphics and layout with powerful PDF creation options
Benefit from complete control over the PDF creation process
Secure PDF files with user passwords and file permissions