Converting Text to PDF

Able2Extract Delivers Important Security Features For Users

Text files are probably the simplest type of file format you may come across. They are files that contain only text. This type of file is commonly used to store information, and is an extremely portable format. Because of this portability, the format is a universal one, meaning that almost any operating system is capable of supporting it. Text files can be modified and created in applications such as Notepad, WordPad or other such text editors.

Uses of Text Files

The advantages of text files lie in their simplicity. Professionals such as web designers and developers use text for hand coding in different languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and PHP. Software vendors will often include a Readme.txt file containing the end user license agreement or notes on installing the software. General users will also use Text files for distraction free writing projects like novels, letters, research drafts, or documents. No matter what the purpose, a text file is an ideal format for drawing up documents when all you need is the text.

With all the important information that can be contained within text files, it’s important to secure your text while in the process of sharing it. This may seem like a complicated process, but one simple alternative everyone can access and implement is converting that text to a PDF document.

Securing Text in PDF format

For many, creating PDFs is advantageous because it is a secure format. That is to say, the PDF is a file format that is difficult to edit, alter or extract text and images from. However, what many who create PDFs do not know is, is that simply creating a PDF document does not in itself make the document secure. To truly make a PDF secure, thereby preventing such things as editing, text and image extraction, the user must specially encrypt the PDF at creation.

Most PDF creators have this functionality, yet trying to implement security measures or make sense of them is often difficult and requires a manual to understand exactly what certain features do. In other cases, the security options offered may be too basic, only offering one or two securing functions that will not be able to meet your specific needs. Or, some PDF tools may be limited and not even offer security options for your PDF content at all. Not so with Able2Extract.

In fact, Able2Extract offers an easy solution to all three issues. Able2Extract can not only convert, edit, display and create PDF documents, but it can also secure them just the way you need to. As a result, you know you have a PDF tool that specializes in every PDF need you may have. No matter what your technical level, Able2Extract clears up the confusion, ensuring that anyone can make sense of each security feature offered. Simple balloon tips and easy to use toolbar are there to guide you right from the start, as well. Best of all, you can implement as many file securing options as needed, creating customized and adequate security measures for the content in your PDF.

Converting Text to PDF with Able2Extract

To create a secure PDF document with Able2Extract all you have to do is access the PDF Creation Options panel in the View menu where you can find an entire section dedicated to providing you with options for securing any PDF file you create.

From here, you have control over determining the strength of your PDF file’s security, no matter how complex or simple. There is no guess work involved. Every security feature is clearly labeled and understandable. Knowing exactly what can or cannot be done with your content, you can easily get the most out of the application.

Some of the following limitations you can implement on a PDF document include:

These are just a few options, and already you can see how they can be effectively combined to secure your content against unauthorized users. Not only that, but you can also control how authorized users interact with the content. Whether you need to share your hand coded material or save a draft of your research notes, you never have to doubt whether or not your files are being tampered with or misused. Securing your content in a PDF document is not as difficult as it may seem. With Able2Extract PDF Converter it becomes a simple task to lock down your text file content.

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