PDF Creation with Able2Extract PDF Converter

Creating a Standard PDF

Create professional looking PDFs from over 200 Windows applications. If the file can be printed using a printer, it can be created as a PDF using Able2Extract PDF Converter. All the most popular file formats are supported, including Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF and much, much more. See a more detailed list here.

Edit PDF Document Information

Edit and modify PDF file information to better suit your needs. Able2Extract is perfect for integrating and merging disparate PDF files into existing document management systems. Customizing the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords of the PDF document will ensure that it is properly filed and can be easily recalled later on as needed.

Customize PDF Viewing Preferences

All PDF content is different and hence, may be best presented in different ways. Fortunately, you can customize how your PDF content is displayed. This feature in Able2Extract offers settings to customize how a PDF behaves upon being opened. These settings include customizations for displaying content in full screen mode, starting from a certain page, and more.

Create PDFs From Any Application

Able2Extract offers you more than one way to create PDFs. In addition to the user interface, Able2Extract can add PDF creation to any application that can print a document. Once installed, the virtual print driver can print documents directly to PDF through the Print dialog. It does not require the Able2Extract program to be opened!

Add Security with 40 and 128 Bit Encryption

Be sure that PDFs are created securely using Able2Extract’s advanced 40 or 128-bit encryption settings. The “Create Secure PDF” icon on the Able2Extract toolbar ensures that confidential information is only viewed or edited by authorized users. The advanced security settings within Able2Extract allow users to prevent printing, copying and pasting of text and graphics, and other alterations, such as adding or removing pages, and commenting.

Add Passwords and Set Security Options

Users can protect PDF documents from unauthorized viewing and use through the password protector option. Securing a document by creating a password determines who is able to access the PDF or not. A great security mechanism!

Automatically Show PDFs After Creation

Automatically launch Adobe Acrobat Reader after PDF file creation to view the file. In addition, Able2Extract’s Print Dispatcher allows you to specify the actions of your newly created PDF: choose to view it in the folder or open it in Able2Extract. It is all done from the system tray icon.

Monitor PDF Creation

With Able2Extract, you get complete and measured control over the PDF creation process. Monitor the status of the PDF in real time as its being created and get insight on the entire process. This feature can be accessed instantly with a single click on the PDF progress button located at the bottom of the Able2Extract user interface.