What is DXF?

DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format. The file format was created by Autodesk (the creators of Autocad) as a way of enabling data interoperability between AutoCad and other programs. The reason for the creation of this additional file format being that some programs are not able to view DWG files. However, DXF is becoming less and less relevant as DWG gets more powerful and more 3rd party CAD software programs are adopting support for the DWG, the default format for computer aided design documents.

When to Convert PDF to DXF?

Opting for the PDF to DXF conversion over the PDF to DWG conversion in Able2Extract will make sense in instances in which the program the user is using to view the CAD file does not support DWG. The DXF format was meant for those instances.

How will performing this conversion save me time and increase my productivity?

CAD drawings are more and more frequently being shared in the PDF format. The key problem is that, while these drawings look nice, they are unusable if they remain in PDF. For those working with product diagrams and building plans, this is especially evident and frustrating. Professionals working in the fields of engineering, architecture and design have a greater than average need to use and modify CAD drawings. By adding a PDF to DXF converter option such as Able2Extract to their software tool belt, there is no longer a need to be concerned if drawings and plans arrive in the PDF format or not.