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Advanced Desktop
PDF to AutoCAD Converter

Transfer PDF data into DWG and DXF formats and convert complex drawings and locked down vector graphics in just a few clicks:

  • Convert PDF to DWG or DXF.
  • Choose the color palette based on your preferred color settings.
  • Merge connected segments into a polyline.
  • Batch convert a large amount of PDF files to AutoCAD.
  • OCR a scanned PDF with the Raster-to-Vector engine (R2V).
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Benefits of converting PDF to AutoCAD with Able2Extract Professional

Convert to multiple file layers

Able2Extract converts your drawing directly into layers so you can easily access text patterns, hatches, and polylines.

Compatible color palettes

Choose the color palette of your choice. Able2Extract provides options for "Standard" black and white or "RGB" color palettes.

Custom-made CAD conversions

Specify metrical units and polyline width, adjust the scale of complex floor plans, set a specific drawing insertion point, etc.

Advanced PDF viewer

Zoom in on textual details and graphics. Rotate disoriented designs. Select between a Continuous or single view.

How to convert PDF to AutoCAD

Follow these simple steps to perform PDF to DWG or DXF conversion with Able2Extract:

  1. Open a PDF file in Able2Extract.
  2. Click on the AutoCAD icon.
  3. Specify additional options; click on the Convert button.
  4. Save the converted file by clicking on the Save button.

Note: To extract just a part of the document, drag-select the content for conversion or use the Selection options in the right-side panel.