Converting Powerpoint to PDF

Converting PPT (Powerpoint) to PDF with Sonic PDF Creator 2.0

What is Powerpoint (PPT)?

Powerpoint (PPT) is a popular presentation software develop by the Microsoft Corporation that is used by businesses and individuals alike to create multimedia presentations for easy sharing and communication.

Programs that Make Use of PPT

Powerpoint is a proprietary presentation program owned by Microsoft. Users wishing to create presentation for sharing with other users can do so using the Powerpoint software that comes as part of Powerpoint.

Converting PPT to PDF

Sonic PDF Creator 2.0 is able to convert applicable PPT to PDF quickly and efficiently using its PDF Writer capabilities. Users can convert PPT to PDF with the Sonic PDF Creator in one of two ways: through the use of the print driver and through the use of the user interface.

PPT to PDF is just one of hundreds of formats that Sonic PDF Creator 2.0 is able to turn into PDF.

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