PDF Creation with Sonic PDF Creator

Creating a Standard PDF

Create professional looking PDFs from over 200 Windows applications. If the file can be printed using a printer, it can be created as a PDF using Sonic PDF 3. All the most popular file formats are supported, including Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF and much, much more.
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Creating a Secure PDF

Add Security with 40 and 128 Bit Encryption
Be sure that your PDFs are created securely using Sonic PDF’s advanced 40 or 128-bit encryption settings. The “Create Secure PDF” icon on the Sonic PDF toolbar ensures that confidential information is only viewed or edited by authorized users. The advanced security settings within Sonic PDF allow users to prevent printing, copying and pasting of text and graphics, and other alterations, such as adding or removing pages, commenting and more.

Our PDF Creator has Added Security with 40 and 128 Bit Encryption
Add Passwords and Set Security Options
Protect your PDFs from unauthorized viewing and use through our password protector option. Securing a document by creating a password will allow you to determine who is able to access the PDF. A great security mechanism!
Add Passwords and Set Security Options contain within our PDF Creator
Automatically Show PDFs After Creation
Automatically launch Adobe Acrobat Reader after PDF file creation to view the file that you created as a PDF.
Add Watermarks/Stamp Images and Text
Sonic PDF Creator 3 allows users to stamp an image onto a current PDF document. The Stamp Text function is a simple way for users to add text to an existing PDF document. The watermark effect is created by decreasing the Opacity from 100%, resulting in the image appearing as a watermark when stamped.
Add Bookmarks to your PDF documents
Sonic PDF Creator 3’s “Add Bookmark” command enables users to add a bookmark to a page in an opened PDF file.
Great Branding Features
Sonic PDF Creator 3 allows the user to add information such as the date, time, company name, page numbers, or document file name to the top or bottom margines of the active document.
Merge/Extract/Crop & More
The Merge PDF Files function allows users to merge files opened by Sonic PDF or files that have been newly created by Sonic PDF that remain open in the Sonic PDF viewer. Extract Pages command enables the user to create a new file or several new files from the active PDF document in the PDF viewer. Crop Page function allows the user to crop and resize content to their desired specifications.