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Jim Hughes

Toronto, Canada

I am very impressed by this software. I had hundreds of pages to convert. I ran them through our large Xerox photocopier that outputs a .pdf format and mails the file to me. I tried a number of different packages today in trial mode, but when I ran the pages through your conversion software ... Wow! It even got some of the Greek symbols like mu (didn't get sigma lower case or upper case, but hey!). You have saved me at least 100 hours of drugery! Tx.

Nathan Johnston

Senior Accountant, Bartholemews Chartered Accountants

Our accounting firm regularly receives client information, such as bank statements and spreadsheets of income and expenses, as hard copies. In this form, the information is cumbersome and extremely time consuming to work with. This is where Able2Extract has comes into its own and helped improve efficiency in our firm to no end. We now no longer dread receiving hard copy client information as we simply scan the documents and then use Able2Extract to convert the information into excel files. Once in excel, the data is far easier to work with thereby saving considerable time. Able2Extract not only saves time but has assisted us greatly in our aim of becoming a paperless office.

Ted Melina Raab

Senior Legislative Agent, Texas AFT

I’m quite pleased with my purchase of Investintech’s Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional version 7.

Before buying this software, I researched numerous PDF conversion solutions—paid and free, stand-alone and web-based. I tried several demonstration versions. Able2Extract appeared equal or superior to its competitors in all areas of interest to me and seemed definitely to be best overall. As I planned to use the software frequently as part of my work, I also found the $130 purchase price to be reasonable.

Able2Extract has met my expectations fully. It is easy to use with a fairly intuitive user interface. It performs conversion quickly. The areas where Able2Extract really shine are converting accurately and maintaining formatting.

The bulk of my work is extracting date from large spreadsheets embedded in PDF documents—many of these have 20,000 or more cells and cover multiple pages within the original document. From these, Able2Extract produces MS-Excel files that I can use within just a few minutes—taking out the incidentally converted page headers and footers with a quick sort.

Less frequently, I use the software to convert PDF documents to MS-Word files. I have been amazed at the results: Able2Extract not only converts the original text correctly but also preserves much of the original formatting. This is very useful when converting a form document so that I can type responses rather than having to fill it out by hand.

I give an unqualified recommendation for Able2Extract PDF Converter.

J. Lavine

Los Angeles

I applaud your efforts with your PDF conversion software, Able2ExtractProfessional. I found your product, Able2Extract Professional (whatever the current version is on your website) today on Google. Your professional version works fully. It's affordable. You offer it in a way that makes it appealing.

I thank you for offering your program's full use on a 30-day license. Most thoughtful of you.

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review by Brian Yang, blogger

Easily Convert PDFs with Able2Extract Professional [Review]

It does what its advertised to do. An easy to use application to convert PDFs into a usable and editable document. It features numerous options for conversion.

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review by Jason Slater, blogger

Best PDF to Office Converter: Able2Extract for Accurate PDF Conversions

A neat OCR feature also allows the product to convert PDF’s saved in image format. There are other products out there, that may do a similar thing, however Able2Extract does the whole thing within just one package – and it does it very well.

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Able2Extract has been included within our arsenal of technology tools and it has proven to not only increase our efficiency in conducting an audit, but it has also enabled us to achieve certain audit requirements that would have otherwise been impractical to satisfy.

Able2Extract enables our people to take data from a format that does not allow manipulation (i.e., text or pdf) and convert it to Excel allowing us to analyze and perform audit tests. We have found that the conversion process is completed quickly and data integrity is maintained consistently.To put it simply, Able2Extract is a practical and easy to use tool. It will be your go-to tool of choice for data conversion.

Jason Shultz

Senior Assurance Manager, HoganTaylor LLP

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Heddle Weaver

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Nick Evershed

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Jeanne Frank Hammon

Love it... saved couple hours of typing”

Becky Ireland

Used your text converter today - brilliant, saved me loads of time!

Kustandi Subarna

I like it you'll too

Yinky Win

After I try pdfcreator Trial version, this program very helpful lfor my work!