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Manny Carvalho

MVP Windows

I’ve actually have been using Able2Extract 7 and have been finding that it works exactly as described. I’ve been able to easily convert data in PDF files to more useable formats. The software is very simple to use and converts data just as you would expect. I’m very pleased with it.

Christian Paul Casino

Blogger, The Heat Web

Able2Extract PDF Converter is one of the best products of Investintech. It’s like an all-in-one PDF converter tool that lets you accurately convert PDF to several output formats like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, HTML, AutoCAD, or as an image. Here are some of the reasons I love about Able2Extract:

First of all, it has a very sleek, minimalistic, and well-designed interface. Next, it’s very easy to use. To convert a PDF file, just click Open, browse for the PDF file you want to convert then click the “Select All” button if you want to convert all the pages or click the “Area” if you just want to convert a portion of the document.

The conversion speed is really fast and the result is more accurate compared to other PDF tools I’ve tried. It preserves the layout, formatting, and graphics of even the most complex PDF files.

James Yeang

Blogger, Friedbeef.com

Able2Extract has been quite handy in my work. I remember at one point I needed to edit something on a PDF file, but there was no easy way to do it. I was very happy with the way I could just extract the information I needed and edit it. Brilliant stuff!

Kaylene Horne


The look and feel of the program is pleasing, fast and simple to use, results are obtained easily and accurately.

Tomas Dabasinskas

Windows Expert-Consumer MVP

I used the program couple of times to convert some small documents. All I can say that I had no problem converting those PDF documents into Word files. I was really satisfied of the quality of the conversion.

DeDe Wilder

Designer, Upright Frameworks

When I took over as the executor of a family member's estate earlier this year, I downloaded two years worth of PDF credit card statements and was faced with the gargantuan task of extracting all that information and getting it into an Open Office spreadsheet.

So I did what I usually do - Googled the problem, looking for a software tool that would help me accomplish this. There are lots of products out there - tried a couple and was invariably disappointed. You know the drill - you download the product, sometimes you can get a free trial but even then you often have to give your credit card to get the trial . . . and so on. You install it, try to figure out how to use it, and then find out it doesn't really do just what you need or it doesn't work that well, or it's a pain to use, and so on. Not a pretty picture.

But then I finally found Able2Extract, and what a difference. This is a product that REALLY works as advertised. I downloaded the trial and within 3 minutes had a perfect spreadsheet of data from Chase banks pdf file converted into an Open Office spreadsheet file. Of course it works with Excel.

I immediately bought and registered the product and saved myself days and weeks of transcribing data. It's easy to use, has an intuitive interface and never makes a mistake! What a wonderful surprise to find a product that does such a good job and is just as advertised. I'm a fan and a convert - recommending it to family and friends all the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Able2Extract.

Lyn Bradshaw

Calgary, Alberta

I wanted to write and thank you for saving me another night of "tearing-what's-left-of-my-hair-out" trying to convert a PDF document into a useable and "editable" spreadsheet. The PDF document is a weekly database update from a client and for several months I have manually transferred and re-entered the data, all the time thinking there HAD to be something available. I purchased two different converter programs that took me from PDF to WORD but then I still needed to get the data from there into a spreadsheet without reinventing the wheel.

Fortunately, I decided to go back and search CNET SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS just one more time. I changed my search criteria to include all of the internet instead of just CNET and when I typed in "Convert PDF document to EXCEL", your program came up instantly identified as a "new program". I still couldn't believe it was the real McCoy so I downloaded the 30 day trial, bought my PIN, and followed your incredibly user-friendly tips and Help Section. In less than 30 minutes starting from my search, I converted the most recent client database DIRECTLY into a formatted EXCEL spreadsheet.

For my purposes, the spreadsheets need a couple of minor tweaks and some data and formatting added, but if presentation is not an issue, there is no need to do any tweaking! I now have about 30 - 45 minutes of work maximum on a weekly basis compared with anywhere from 3 - 5 hours previously. So once again, your program is phenomenal and I'll make sure to pass the info along to others! I haven't had time to even look at your other products but I can't wait.

D. A. Yablonsky

Corona , CA

I am a contract consultant to subprime mortgage lenders and I provide current, accurate market comparison data to my clients. Both of the words "current" and "accurate" rely heavily on Able2Extract's ability to extract exactly the data I need, when I need it, from .pdf files displayed on the internet; to slice and dice this data quickly to fit my MS Excel application's requirements, and then to plug the data directly into my system without having to worry about human error in data entry. The time saved by using Able2Extract over manual data entry, when translated into hours per year, runs well over a thousand hours and, as we all know, time is money, not to mention avoiding time spent error-trapping erroneous data that would otherwise be manually entered. Does Able2Extract pay for itself? You bet!

Jim Tarvin

Eugene Oregon

I successfully ordered and downloaded the trial license.

We are a financial advisory firm and often have to parse through clients' online account statements in order to provide advice.

I have attached three files: the original PDF of a client's online statement, a Word doc created through the Save As in Adobe, and an XL file from Able2Extract. It's obvious which one is most useful!

This client's account has 17 such pages. With Able2Extract, I can clean up the XL file and work with the data as if it were originally created in XL, performing sorts, calculations, etc. This will save me several hours of tedious transcribing his PDF data!

We heard about Able2Extract from Money Tree, the vendor for our financial planning software in Corvallis , OR. Thanks!

Takahiro Omuro

San Francisco, CA

I evaluated almost every PDF-to-Excel converter available on Earth and so far your product is the best!

Peter Price


A number of government agencies refuse to provide calculation tables for new development infrastructure charges I wish to investigate. Able2Extract enables me to at least rebuild the spreadsheet from a table in a pdf file. I get what I can see in the document they exhibit on the web page for comment. I can then add the algorithms which I have. This save me countless hours.

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review by Gilberto J Perera, blogger

Use Able2Extract 7 to Convert PDF’s to Word Documents, Presentations, and More

It is easy to see why 92% of the Fortune 100 companies use this application to convert PDF files. It is easy to use, affordable, and it is a solution I highly recommend to anyone looking for a tool to convert PDFs to popular Office documents.

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review by Debajyoti Das, blogger

Best PDF to Office Converter: Able2Extract for Accurate PDF Conversions

Performance wise, Able2Extract 7 does a lot more in a lot less disk space than most top end converters. Conversions are fast and most of all, accurate.

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review by Mike Hall, Microsoft MVP

Fuss Free Conversion Of Acrobat PDF to Microsoft Office

It is a little annoying to have to hold and look through a complete manual just for one or maybe two pages out of it, but with Able2Extract, I can now convert part or all of a manual or document to MS Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Open Office, HTML, and AutoCAD, or save as a BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF image file.

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review by James, blogger and CAD specialist, Learn AutoCAD

Able2Extract will convert the PDF drawing into layers directly, which lets you get to work as soon as you open your newly converted file in AutoCAD

Having tested Able2Extract’s conversion capabilities in detail, I can summarize that Able2Extract delivers what it promises: it recovers CAD drawings from PDF quickly and accurately, enabling the users to manipulate and edit them as required.

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Able2Extract has been included within our arsenal of technology tools and it has proven to not only increase our efficiency in conducting an audit, but it has also enabled us to achieve certain audit requirements that would have otherwise been impractical to satisfy.

Able2Extract enables our people to take data from a format that does not allow manipulation (i.e., text or pdf) and convert it to Excel allowing us to analyze and perform audit tests. We have found that the conversion process is completed quickly and data integrity is maintained consistently.To put it simply, Able2Extract is a practical and easy to use tool. It will be your go-to tool of choice for data conversion.

Jason Shultz

Senior Assurance Manager, HoganTaylor LLP

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Bernard Shuford

I just found this program called Able2Extract that turns PDFs into Excel and saved me HOURS. Awesome.#technology

Stephen Moon

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Earl F Glynn

@WikiFOIA I find conversion from PDF to Excel works in "hard" cases "manual" selections with Able2Extractbit.ly/ot4Vm7@FOIAchat

Paul Martin

@able2extract Looks like a good product. Many thanks!

Victoria Smith

@able2extract thanks for PDF converter.. just what I needed!

Benz Kautsar

Able2Extract is an effin wonder! JPEG to doc, done it superbly...

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Tom Lambie

Here's a freebie for you all (Sonic PDF creator, which usually costs about 40 quid!) - just join the Investintech page & you'll get it for free. Brilliant bit of software!

Novie O-Rock Burhanudin

it's software i was looking for long time a go.... thanks...

Mochamad Alwin Rachmanda

i'm from indonesian and i very like this product!! good job!!