Able2Extract is the PDF converter on the market that effectively boosts your PDF productivity on Windows, Mac and Linux. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD and CSV formats. Get picture perfect PDF creation with advanced security options and quickly modify PDF text and pages when needed. All PDF tasks are done in a sleek intuitive user interface that simplifies the entire process.
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Able2Extract Professional 10 comes equipped with all the features of Able2Extract 10 Standard, but also includes the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology used to convert scanned and image PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Publisher and more. Generate cleaner datasets from poorly scanned text. Accurate data extraction is only a few clicks away.
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PDF Creation & Conversion At Your Fingertips!

Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional 10 are both advanced PDF solutions that give you the most conversion options and content control over your documents. Here’s more on what they can do:

PDF Conversion

Able2Extract has always been known for its PDF conversion. Our PDF conversion algorithm can convert the most complex PDF content to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, CSV and more. Able2Extract is the only PDF converter that lets you selectively convert only the content you need. Convert non-PDF data into Excel for analysis or get accurate table data extractions with the custom PDF to Excel feature. Whether you need a formatted spreadsheet or editable Word doc, you get the precise conversion results needed. for better business insights and planning.

Scanned Image PDF Conversion

Convert both native and scanned PDF to editable formats with Able2Extract Professional’s OCR technology. Take PDFs that have been created from scanned paper documents and convert them into editable file formats. Able2Extract Professional’s accurate data capturing technology lets you incorporate hardcopy information into your document workflow. The OCR engine will correct any microscopic errors in the text and leave you with a refined digital version accurate enough for business intelligence analysis.

PDF Editing

With powerful PDF manipulation features, Able2Extract makes it easy to modify PDF documents. Whether you have business statements or lengthy financial reports, you can tailor your existing content by splitting or merging PDF documents. Advanced editing features allow for on-page PDF text editing right within Able2Extract, allowing you to customize your text by font, colour and size. Professionals can also take advantage of PDF page editing features for general changes to PDF pages.

PDF Creation

Able2Extract is more than just PDF converter. Both Standard and Professional versions provide you with the ability to create PDF documents from any application. Complete with security features, document encryption, and PDF file customizations, either version is perfect for users who are looking for powerful, yet easy PDF creation. Our technology generates quality PDF documents you can trust.

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