Developing Powerful PDF Solutions

We're Inc., a Canadian company incorporated in 2000, and we're the developer and publisher of our own proprietary PDF technology. It's used in desktop, server and developer products worldwide. Millions in over 150 countries have used our flagship PDF product Able2Extract. As a company, we are focused on providing our business and consumer customers with products that are easy to use and that deliver powerful results. All of our products are built by our software development team headquartered in Toronto, Canada and our office in Europe. We stand behind our products 100%. We are accountable, conscientious and we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the business.

I have done as you have asked and I want to THANK YOU for all of your help and not giving up on this. You have just made my whole weekend. Please pass along all of my thanks to all personnel that were involved. WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!

Keith Hale

Sr. Technical Instructor, FedEx TechOps Training, Memphis, TN


David Moon

Present – Co-founder of currently involved with strategy, licensing and operations. I work most closely with our customer support team and the sales and technical support staff – and I'm not averse to pitching in with the phones either.

Past – Grew up on the prairies, studied biology and history at University and then got a law and MBA degree.

In the meantime – I golf and play recreational soccer to stay fit – while mixing in the occasional physical challenge here and there. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places.

Keith Bradbury

Present – Co-founder of and an entrepreneur at heart. I've done a little of everything but now I mostly work with my marketing colleagues to tell as many people as we can about our software.

Past – I played tennis at a high level then got a law and MBA degree. I worked as a lawyer at a big law firm for a couple years.

In the meantime – I coach my kids' soccer and baseball. I play tennis, hockey, bike, ski and generally try to be outdoors as much as I can.

Goranka Radojčić

Present – I'm currently the general manager of Investintech's Belgrade office. I've worked with Investintech's amazing marketing team for over six years and I most enjoy spreading the word about our software solutions.

Past – Obtained an MSc in eBusiness. Worked as Sales & Marketing Manager in a small publishing company. Translated books.

In the meantime – Reading, traveling and simply enjoying life.

Alisher Ishchanov

Present – I coordinate the software development in the company. I make sure that every participating person is assigned to the portion of the project he or she is the best fitted for. I choose the right tools for our everyday needs and optimize the development process. Besides all that I also practice coding.

Past – Worked as a software engineer for two interesting companies. For one of those I helped out to build a robust student testing suite. For the other, I contributed to CAD software creation.

In the meantime – Bicycling, skiing, playing soccer (I say: Football!), outdoor parties with my little daughter and wife – this is what I like to spend my precious out-of-work days. If I get some quiet minutes at home I entertain my senses with music and movies.

Reena Cruz

Present – I'm an official Investintech multi-tasker. On top of blogging for the the company, I'm also its social media director and online community manager. As an Able2Extract Brand evangelist, I help out with online marketing, sharing valuable content with our users and forging connections online.

Past – I helped high school teens get a good start on the right career path for one summer and worked for 10 months connecting people to the right resources with Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

In the meantime – Surprisingly a lot of non-tech stuff: Reading books, figure skating, and learning to play the violin without dislocating my fingers.

Branislav Pakić

Present – I design anything from web to GUIs.

Past – I owned a small recording studio, I sold tires, I edited video, directed TV shows and designed anything from web to GUIs.

In the meantime – I love music, but I realized it's much more fun when you're not so serious about it hence Boom Tschak my one man wonder band.

Naum Naumović

Present – Software engineering focused on making things simple, robust and fast.

Past – Design and maintaining SCADA systems for electrical power distribution systems.

In the meantime – I enjoy to work in the garden with my family. I am interested in human genetics and psychology.

Goran Krstec

Present – C++ Developer, member of GUI team. In charge of what users can see and what they can touch in program. :-)

Past – Dealt with all kind of programming related to c and c++ (Qt framework) as well as with programming in different kind of Assembly languages.

In the meantime – Give my brain rest doing crop work in my village :-), spending time with friends, playing footbal. In my spare time like to go and watch football games at Red Star Belgrade stadium.

Nikola Stojić

Present – Programming and enhancing our services.

Past – Was all about computer science, studying, and programming on few smaller independent projects.

In the meantime – Reading, studying AI, spending time with family and animals, movies aficionado, smartphones enthusiast.

Slavoljub Popović

Present – Making web apps, designing new features and improving existing capabilities.

Past – Studied math. Spent nearly 10 years in software development. I've been lucky to work with smart people solving interesting problems.

In the meantime – I enjoy spending time with my family.

Milan Stanojević

Present – Working as a web developer. Trying hard to make our services run smoothly.

Past – Worked for as a back-end developer. Working for a start-up company was an interesting experience.

In the meantime – Making preparations for space travel.

Miroslav Pavlović

Present – Mobile developer, responsible for development and maintenance of Android apps.

Past – Computer science graduate. Passionate about technology, software development and the intersection of the two.

In the meantime – When not in front of a computer, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and learning something new.

Miloš Vukadinović

Present – I’m working as a programmer and CRM engineer.

Past – Studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Learning about programming and participating in a few small projects.

In the meantime – I’m a huge Red Star Belgrade fan. Besides Red Star, I have two more passions: archery and freediving. So, I like to spend time outdoors.

Veljko Tanjga

Present – I'm working as a system administrator.

Past – Worked as sys admin at ISP company. Although I'm pretty sure I had some other life before this linux stuff can't remember any part of it.

In the meantime – Linux enthusiast, so you could say that my job is my hobby most of the time.

Strahinja Fatić

Present – Working as a graphic designer. Creating images, logos, infographics, videos...

Past – I was a freelance graphic designer; also worked at a photo and graphic studio, and at a TV station for long time.

In the meantime – Trying to figure out which is better... sushi or kebab.

Sandrina Dimitrijević

Present – Managing, Compiling and Analyzing Data from Various Sources for Supporting Strategies Implementation.

Past – Graduated Economics. Worked for SunGard as Application Analyst.

In the meantime – Blogging, Nature, Animals, Books, Marketing.

Marija Petrovska

Present – I do a lot of research, a little bit of social media and everything related to internet marketing.

Past – English teacher; Investor Relations sales & marketing.

In the meantime – I love spending time with my family, playing with my cute Maltese puppy, cooking and going shopping with my younger sister, hanging out with my lovely friends. You can usually find me on the river banks, at the cozy cafés and in the bohemian streets.

Saša Kovačević

Present – Technical Support and Quality Assurance.

Past – System administration, ICT Training support.

In the meantime – Exploring the Pop Culture. Trying to make a perfect Spaghetti a la Carbonara. Mad Men addicted.

Pavle Radeka

Present – Data extraction, analysis and implementation, content development and data driven design development.

Past – Worked in roles related to PPC, SEO and various other positions.

In the meantime – Learning all the time and enjoying life as much as I can.

Ana Stanojević

Present – Research and analysis. Writing and editing. Presenting our software solutions through easy-to-understand copy and stories.

Past – Finding ways to make writing and knowledge of languages a big part of my life.

In the meantime – Reading, writing, learning more about digital marketing, dancing, watching movies, quitting chocolate...

Luka Petković

Present – Designing online communication strategies, analyzing data, creating content and doing all things in between.

Past – Completed my Masters degree in Project Management and worked in a TV production company for a short period of time.

In the meantime – Doing a lot of combat sports and improving my Excel skills as much as possible.

Dušanka (Dee) Andić

Present – International Sales Representative.

Past – Studied marketing, my professors told me I would end up in Sales, I wanted to do Market Research... Since graduating every position I've held has been in Sales!!

In the meantime – I love spending time with my family, especially with my two nieces and nephew! I have some pretty amazing friends, there is never a dull moment in my life because of them! Lately I have developed a passion for cooking and even baking... 50% of the time it turns out pretty good!!

Tony G. Korolia

Present – Sales, Marketing and Client Services.

Past – Lived and worked with people in several countries and in several different languages.

In the meantime – I enjoy travel, different cultures and international cuisine.

Bob Petrović

Present – I am part of the sales team here. I sell Able2Extract to companies all over the world.

Past – Graduated with a BSBA in Economics. I worked in marketing and sales at an NGO and an online startup, working with multinational firms and political organizations. Just prior to Investintech, I worked as an AdOps Supervisor for an online media publisher.

In the meantime – I love music, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.

Suzana Bauk

Present – Member of the sales team. Dealing with accounts and meeting & exceeding client expectations.

Past – I studied a lot – obtained a college diploma, university degree and an MBA. I worked in sales for a small sign production company with large accounts.

In the meantime – I love music, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.

Jovana Andjelić

Present – Finding efficient ways to grow our visibility and create interesting content.

Past – English Graduate. Teaching was my first love, translating second and then I fell in love with marketing. ;-)

In the meantime – I enjoy discovering new places, expanding my horizons and spending time with my friends and family.

Keti Petkoska

Present – Doing a lot of research, creating and promoting content.

Past – Studied journalism and cultural studies and found a passion for marketing. Worked as a journalist in different media.

In the meantime – I love to travel, meet new people, learn new things and ride my bicycle to work, even in winter. :)