Inc. PDF Server Product Installation

To start the installation, run the installation executable (InstallAbsolutePDFServer.exe / InstallAble2ExtractServer.exe / InstallSonicPDFServer.exe) and follow the standard installation instructions (see Fig. 21).

On the 2nd step you will be asked where the server program should be installed (see Fig. 22).
It is recommended to keep the default path, offered by the program.

Fig. 21.

Fig. 22.

Fig. 23.

Fig. 24.

Fig. 25.

Fig. 26.

Fig. 27.

Installation program will place the PDF Server files in the following folders:

Some information will be also added to the Registry.


To uninstall Inc. PDF Server Products, select Programs>Absolute PDF Server>Uninstall (or analog for Able2Extract and Sonic PDF Server products) command in Widows Main menu.