Main objectives

The main objective of all Inc. PDF Server Products is to collect documents (files) of certain types, process them and then return the result back to the sender.

There are 2 options for collecting (receiving) files: Inc. PDF Server Product puts all collected files into a queue and processes them using several threads.

There are two methods of processing the collected files:

Files collected through the local network can be retrieved from several specified folders (Watch Folders).

Files received via Email can be retrieved from several Email addresses (POP3 accounts).
It is possible to specify the processing type (conversion, creation or both) and details of processing for each Watch Folder or Email address. The conversion or creation details can be specified on both Server and Client side by means of a special file referred to as Job Ticket file (with extension *.tik on the client side and *.tikd on the Server side).

If the processing type and the details of processing are not specified by the client (i.e. a Job Ticket file is not attached), documents will be processed in according to PDF Server default settings.

In addition to making changes to the PDF Server default settings, Administrator can set some limitations (such as the maximum amount of pages in the original document that can be converted) by means of Job Ticket Limitations file — see “Watch Folders parameters” for details.

There are several methods of sending files from the client side: